Sankarea – If I Become a Zombie

Story: C
Sankarea is about high school student Chihiro Furuya and his love for zombies, when his cat Babu dies after getting ran over by a car, Chihiro uses a book he found a while back that he thinks can bring Babu back from the dead as a zombie.

After a few nights of him watching Rea Sanka scream into the well like she always does she says something that makes him drop his drink and noticed by her. He reveals what hes doing in the abandoned building and she wants to help.

The next set of events aren’t shown in this episode but its leading up to them.

Characters: D

Chihiro Furuya a first year in high school and a fan of zombie movies. I can relate to this character but the character design is not at its best. I don’t understand why his hair makes him appear to have cat ears.

Chihiro’s little sister Mero, well shes cute but her character is so bland when their cat gets ran over it’s the only time she shows just a hint that shes human and has emotions other than that shes pretty much monotone and speaking in a soft voice.

Rea Sanka not much is known but she was born into a rich family, so far all she does is scream “No” into a well every night. Whats not to love right?

Animation: B+

Sound: A-
The OP song is really catchy but not really my sorta of rock. It just sounds like the run of the mill anime opening theme that after watching seasons and seasons of Bleach I know I’ll get it confused with one of the many Bleach’s OPs. The ED song is really slow and soft, I actually wish it was the OP song to really get you into the mood of the anime.

The voice acting was fairly decent, none of the characters actually use the typical gender sound, other than his cousin Ranko, her voice actor uses the typical high-pitched female anime voice. But to be honest none of which are bad other than the OP song.

Overall: C+

Sankarea’s first episode is pretty bland and slow-moving but it was better then I expected, its crawling at a zombies pace I guess you could say. I hope the future episodes of this moves better and has more content rather than talk, detail about a character, more talking, nothing special, good scene, etc. But sometimes a slow introduction episode is needed to get some note worthy things noticed and your able to recall details.

Im sad that I picked this anime up so late in the season as the summer season starts in less than a month but I’ll catch up to this as its one of the better ones this season I’ve seen so far. Not really saying much as I’ve only bothered to watch Accel World, Mysterious Girlfriend X, AKB0048, and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia so far. I would rate this as being better than Accel World but not as good as Tasogare Otome x Amnesia or Mysterious Girlfriend X. I would suggest this anime to friends as from here on out from the previews its going to start moving at a better pace.


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