Cutie Honey The Live – Honey Flash!

The story of Cutie Honey starts with 3 convicts in jail all 3 are in different jails escape at the same time, there’s Maruoka Masashi convicted of rape and murder in Hatogaya Prison, Kishima Naoki convicted of robbery and murder in Fujisawa Prison, and Yamashita Jiro convicted of murder in Koganei Prison.

We meet a woman going to Hayami Detective Agency, in a shack and inside the woman tells the detective that her brother is Jiro arrested for killing her fiance.

In the episodes we learn that a mysterious man let the 3 convects out to play a game of who can stay un-captured the longest, when the convict is cornered a team of guys show up and kill the convict and if there’s any witnesses. But the episode we meet Kisaragi Honey a friend of the detective, she’s actually a ditz and has the power to transform into a super fighter, I will say its one of the oddest henshins I have ever seen and trust me I have seen a ton from Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. The winner of the game that picked the convict that lived the longest in the game gets a payment of their choice. The episode ends with a pretty good fight scene of Honey versus the mysterious man with a power of his own.

To be honest I expected this to be a show aimed at girls so I didn’t expect much but this series is really great. The story is nice and has a twist, the characters are nice the Detective reminds me of Don from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, he can’t actually fight so he always finds himself in danger but finds a way to worm himself out of and Honey since she’s a ditz she missed being beheaded by bowing as she introduces herself.

The theme song is actually odd, I don’t know if I like, hate it, or have no thought about it to be honest, it’s just there. Yet the highest part of the reviewing this was the direction, the twist in the story was a bit foreseeable as it’s really a textbook twist also the game their playing was also a bit unoriginal but not too bad as they threw in a lot of things that made it a great episode. I did hate the fact the episode is only 30 minutes long, most shows like this are an hour-long so for them to end with Honey fighting the mysterious man I thought wow that was a fast hour.

Overall this episode was a pleasure to watch and I can’t wait to start episode 2. This series by far passed all expectations of me and for live actions I normally set the bar high and this cleared it with plenty of room.

Story: B+
Characters: A+
Sound: A-

Overall: A+


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