AKB0048 – The Chosen Lights

Story: D
The Chosen Lights takes place on the ship that is going to take the girls on their way to the second stage of their audition. Everything seems to be a relaxing trip meeting other girls who passed the first round until the ship is attacked by DES who are officers there to arrest them for breaking the no entertainment law and its up to AKB0048 to save the girls.

Characters: D

We meet a few new characters on board the ship on the way to the second round, her name is Sonata, she snuck aboard the ship and stole food from the crew.

Makoto Yokomizo who I hated cause all she did was cry about not having any talent most of the time she had a speaking part. We also have a run in with the older Chieri who isn’t how she was as a kid, she’s much more harsh even more than Yuuka!

Animation: B

Sound: C
Same voice acting as in episode one from the real members of AKB48, what dragged the sound from the last episode is the terrible explosions, lack of a soundtrack in the episode, but the better things are the AKB song playing in the episode, the great ED theme, and the great series OP song.

Overall: F
Even as a AKB fan I was let down by this episode, really nothing new introduced, no deep and heart warming story of why Chieri is more cold towards her friends who are also trying out for AKB that is something I want to hear about and expect in episode 3 at least.

I really didn’t like the whole DES battle as well, soon as I seen mecs flying in space I thought great, my intrest in this series has now hit an all time low. I hate mecs in anime, I don’t know why but I can’t even watch any Gundum series I think the only thing with mecs I watched was Baldr Force EXE which was great mostly cause it was only 4 OVAs. Now getting back to AKB0048 I think the battles they have against DES so everyone could get to the escape pod was really too fast and short to the point I wonder why even bother with it?

Also the point where the series REALLY lost me was when Mayuyu shot a missile out of arm, I know this is set way into the future but really? Theres robot idols in the future?
Anyway all in all this episode wasn’t really worth watching but I just hope the next episode they finally get to where they have to go for the second round of the auditions, mostly cause I want to see what Sonata plans to do after failing the first round.


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