Cutie Honey The Live – Operation Cabaret Club

Operation Cabaret Club starts out where Honey Flash ended with Honey fighting the mysterious man who we learn in this episode that his name is Giza or at least the crazy side of the guy that fights Honey.

But in this episode we finally get a glance at Honey’s classmates to be honest this episode reminded me of the first episode of Hell Girl’s live action a rich girl tries and bribe Honey’s only friend at school with a bracelet, then when Honey sees it she tells her she can have it if she does what ever she tells her to do. Im glad it was anything too extreme yet sad it ends so soon.

The next day a homeless guy finds a case full of money, 10 million yen to be exact, but seems there’s another game being played by the group which we learn their name is Panther Claw from a fellow guy from the mask Hayami Seiji (the detective picked it up in the first episode). On top of finding the people who have the briefcase of money and stop Panter Claw’s new game Honey gets mixed in with both of the people and gets into a fight with Giza who shows a new power he has.

The story in this episode wasn’t as good as the first episode, I liked the character of Youko I didn’t want to see her taken out of the series so soon, but the rest of the episode was pretty boring no twist, no real ecchi moments from Honey’s “Honey Flash” but the fight scene was a lot better this time around until Giza takes over after Honey finally hits him. I just want to know the guys real name and why he changes from a childish persona into Giza, it reminds me of Kamen Rider Kiva when he changes form, mostly using Gaberou Saber Waterou sorta goes berserker and has no control it seems thats how I feel about Giza. His childish persona reminds me of Teddy in Kamen Rider Den-O just jokes around and doesn’t take things serious also his voice reminds me of Teddy, I keep expecting him to say his famous line “Im going to defeat you now….I can’t hear you!”

Direction wise this episode seemed to not have one, it just seems random to me, one minute we see Honey going into a Cabaret Club then the next day to follow the guy into an underground gambling place we don’t even meet the first guy that died and lost the game or even who the people are. Sound in this is pretty good mostly in the scene where we last see Youko, and the acting is great but the theme song after listening to it twice I couldn’t take it anymore and had to skip over it.

For some reason Honey’s personalty doesn’t annoy me which is why most people stop watching it.

Overall this episode falls well short of the bar set by episode one, I think it’s because I had a feeling on what might happen and takes out the element of surprise that the first episode had in its favor. But Im still enjoying the series though so thats all that really counts I do want to see what happens and seeing clips online from episode 18 I can’t wait to get to that episode it looks a lot different these first two episodes did.

Story: B-
Characters: B+
Sound: A-
Direction: C-
Overall: B-


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