Not Updating for a While?

Going to Thailand, back home for sad family news about my grandfather and Shunsuke is busy and since theres no other reviewers then the two of us the site might not be updated for up to 2 months. I say that because I normally have to force Shunsuke to review something instead of just watch something. Just to give you an idea, hes up to episode 17 in Gloomy Salad Days his last review episode 4. Cutie Honey the Live episode 11 last review 2 I think. I love him like a brother but hes lazy, as if Im not in the same boat and actually watch and review instead of game in Steam.

I plan to use this unexpected time of slow internet access and when I can to watch and review series, mostly live action stuff like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. I might throw in some older anime series in to mix things up like a random Aoi Hana review or Kiss x Sis.

So sorry for this news the little amount of readers that actually come to this site, but we are actually working on doing things for the near future on the site such as a .com name (perhaps towards the end of the year) and such now that we have loadable cards we can use on the internet, no longer have to ask our friend’s mom to get one of us something over the internet.


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