Kamen Rider – The Mysterious Spiderman

Kamen Rider opens up with the first ever rider of the series Takeshi Hongo riding on a motorcycle, Im thinking its for a race as hes being timed, he seems pretty cocky.
As he takes another run of the course to better his time he notices hes being followed by a group of people on bikes he then sees a wall of other bikers in front of him. When he follows them he gets caught in a web and I guess some strange women take him to the hidden lair of Shocker, Shocker being the name of a evil organization. Their plan is to turn him into a mindless cyborg like countless other people to carry out their plans, they also transferred the power of the wind into him, which I wonder is that Kamen Rider wears a scarf?

The series picks up after Hongo escapes the lab with his friend Midorikawa and when he transforms into Kamen Rider to take on this first monster which is a cross of a spider and a person. The series takes a turn when Midorikawa gets killed and Hongo has to try and save his friends daughter who thinks he killed her dad.

Really for this being the first episode of one of my favorite series I wasn’t really impressed, not due to the effects I had no expectations I was let down mostly due to the weak fighting scenes and a boring story. I shouldn’t really expect much but after seeing Black, Black RX, and more recent ones like Kiva, 555, and Fourze where the first episode has been great to watch and the perfect way to open the series. But the theme song was pretty good, mostly because it was catchy! I was hoping to see the favorite finishers of all Kamen Riders the Rider Kick but sadly Hongo didn’t get the chance too, but I can tell its coming soon.

The direction of the episode was good at first as it tells a lot of Hongo and why hes stronger then normal humans, strong enough to fight monsters and the power to jump many feet in the air but other then that its like they threw the script out the window and said okay lets do a large and out of place fight scene here until the end. I really hope they worked more on the story telling in the next episode and a good direction to take it.

Overall for a series to start out Kamen Rider its good as it fits with other series before 2000 and Ive always wondered what powers Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider V3 had, I think its the same power as their suites are all the same just different color for boots, gloves, and scarfs. I am interested as well to see where the series will go with Midorikawa’s daughter thinking he killed her dad, I have a feeling she will try and kill him.

Story: B-
Characters: D+
Sound: B+
Direction: C
Overall: B


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