Accel World – Arrestation

This episode starts with Taku and Haru trying to figure out how Nomi beat Taku in a kendo match from last episode, they suspect him of being a burst linker using the Physical Full Burst such as Snow Black used early in the series. Taku informs that there is actually a command that’s below Physical Full Burst that you don’t have to be a level 9 Burst Linker to use as Taku shows that he can use it and what it does.

When Haru goes to investigate if Nomi is a player the episode really gets odd, more Nero Linker lingo on how he was tricked but when Nomi pretty much looks right at Haru that should be a dead giveaway that the following is over cause your too short and fat to sneak anywhere!

We don’t really get that much of a fight as Snow Black is leaving for a school trip leaving Haru, Taku, and Chiyu behind to deal with their problem with Nomi, but she offers to stay behind and help.

We get a new OP for Accel World its more of a rock song, it really stands out to normal anime rock OP song, at times but with the female singer it starts to loose me in terms of originality in sound. I don’t know if I like it more than the older OP as the beat and sound is like a small sound bite that’s repeated the whole way through.

Overall character wise Nomi seems like Light talking like life is a game saying things like Victory, I won. Also he just seems like boring villain in real life while his battle avatar seems to be an odd one but the episode ended before the battle started. Chiyu didn’t do much as well other than being her usual self but more annoying other than trying to save Haru from Nomi’s plan to use Haru.

Story: D
Characters: D
Sound: B-
Animation: A
Overall: C


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