Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse – The Imperial Capital Burns Part 2

This episode starts where the first episode ended with the girls launching out to fight the BETAs, this is really first chance we get to see what they look like. Even thought the girls really don’t have that much training in fighting them they remember what they learned in class and take on their first target which is called “destroyer class” BETA.

With the girls being out numbered by the vast numbers of the BETA and with the command tower fallen after an attack on it the girls are all left alone to fight on nothing but their witts upon them. Whats worse is the number of them are dropping like flies to the BETA laser class.

The big hold back was Izumi who wants revenge for her boyfriend who died while fighting the BETAs and she does the normal “wants to kill all of them” and normally freezes when the team needs her the most.

At the end of the episode we get a 3 year time jump where the next episode will take place.

Overall this episode was good even though it’s all fighting, there’s no real story progression which well is better actually with how the episode ends. Really I was let down on the cast showing them really made me wonder what was the point of having the first episode apart from the first episode? If you watch these two you’ll understand the reason I feel this way. I can say that I hope episode 3 adds to the story and answers some questions like who was in the other robot that saved Yui at the end.

Story: C
Characters: C-
Sound: B+
Animation: A
Overall: B+


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