Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai – A Red String of Fate!?

Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai starts out with a boy named Ryousuke, Ryou for short, talking to his mom through video chat on what looks to be an iPhone, we learn from what shes talking about is that shes in Germany away from her son.

We learn that Ryou is a bit of a pervert towards his friend Mina as his thoughts are directed to the size of her breasts

just like me, he can’t say things in his head as he normally mumbles what he should be saying in his head. Things for him don’t get any better as a sudden rain storm comes into town while the girl’s freshman gym class was outside.

After school he meets a mysterious woman standing outside his house just glaring, once inside she tells him about all his details to him like she already knew him.

After a lot of strange events go on, like the woman impaling him in the chest with a sword we learn her name is Lisara Restall, who reminds me a lot of the woman in Highschool DxD, we also learn shes from Grimwald’s family and is an heiress who takes the soul energy of people and things after they die. Ryou puts it in simple terms shes pretty much a grim reaper, not exactly the same type as in the tv show Dead Like Me, but from Lisara’s words sounds the same.

The anime really picks up during the battle with an unknown enimey in his house, where Lisara shows us a small sample of her power. This is where the beauty of the anime also shines too as it uses a great contrast of bright colors and sharp images even watching on my PSP (still an HD encode) is close to watching it on my PC.

But with Lisara ready for battle she reminds me of Dead Master from Black Rock Shooter, scythe and horns mostly.

Characters in this are top grade I like how Ryou started out a little bit like a perv to becoming a full on king of ecchi, he sorta reminds me of the main character from last years R-15 but a whole lot worse than that kid ever could be.

Lisara well other than telling him when hes going to die she was another great character, shes cold, relentless, and a great character in terms of character design when shes fighting in what I can only guess in her “reaper state”. I like how they where having a normal conversation in the rubble of Ryou’s house like its normal.

I sorta wish that his friend Mina had a tad larger role in this episode but well its only one episode so I guess their building.

Overall Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai is a great series a lot better than I expected with news of a grim reaper, not exactly Bleach standards but I’ll allow it. I’m already putting this as another favorite from this season! One thing I didn’t like is the song that played as the ED song I really hope it’s not the OP for the show.

Story: B
Characters: A
Sound: A-
Animation: A-
Overall: A


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