Tari Tari – Gathering and Struggling

Well Tari Tari starts off so odd, I lost count how many times Miyamoto was asked if she was singing by Tanka and Wien the new student from Europe was trying to get a girl in the group to say his name right. I was trying to focus on the dialog but all I could hear was Wien and Ween several times, thankfully Sawa took charge and ended the annoying bit.

At Sawa’s house she shows a video of the recital from which Miyamoto isn’t allowed to sing in the choir this year as she was too nervous to sing and when she was finally able to squeeze a note out it was right at the end of song when everyone was finished singing.

Meanwhile while the girls are at Sawa’s house Tanaka and Wien are out around town when they stop to get lunch as much as I hate Wien already I do like seeing him use his book on Japan and seeing the look of face when people correct him. I can really tell I would hate having a sister like Makoto does, always busting in on you while you are just trying to take a bath, and finding your porn stash. This is why I never had porn that you wouldn’t have to sit through nearly a whole VHS tape to get too then the last 20 to 30 minutes just normal tv shows. If I was Makoto, I think I would hide it in her room.

Tari Tari even throws in a good surprise through this episode at the recital, its pretty good because it just hits you, there’s also a few awkward moments as well in the episode that made me laugh after and odd pause.

The music for this episode was perfect the music if you think the OP is great, the music that Sakai plays on the piano just fit the episode as well as the OP does. With the major focus on this anime being music I wouldn’t expect nothing but great music being in it from start to finish.

Overall this could be one of the best music based anime series that Ive watched, so much better than K-on! watchable and enjoyable unlike AKB0048 and also with great characters in it even though the vice pricepal is a bitch and Wien just needs to move back to Europe if he’s going to do nothing!

Story: B+
Characters: A-
Sound: A+
Animation: A
Overall: A-


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