Hiiro no Kakera – The Two Tasks

The Two Tasks is about what they are going to do now that the Monado characters have one of the five artifacts and we learn that they took it but haven’t bothered the other ones because they don’t know how the artifacts work. So with them not knowing how the artifacts work and the people guarding the others all night it really comes down to Kasuga’s powers as the shrine maiden to awaken to re-strengthen the seal.

Overall this review is pointless to do cause this episode has to be in the top 3 of the WORST and ungodly episodes I have ever seen in my life! People say Im dumb to watch fillers in Bleach and not skip them, I would gladly take fillers in Bleach over this episode. This episode is called The Two Tasks, I think I know why one is listen and watch this pointless episode and two sit through 30 minutes of this pointless episode.

I actually think the only thing that was somewhat interesting is when Kasuga stood up to Aria which means she chooses death when Aria said to forget about this seal and she’ll spare their lives. Even the guy Kasuga meets is pointless all he does is smell her…..the fuck?!

I don’t know if I even care to review let alone watch the last 8 or so episodes left, but closer I get to finishing this series the less interested I am at the next season of this anime in October.

Story: F
Characters: F
Sound: F
Animation: C
Overall: F


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