Accel World – Violation

Vision starts with Haru and Taku in Chiyu’s bedroom with Taku using a long cable and Haru with a short one to install Brain Bust on Chiyu’s linker. As it was said in a past episode how close you are with the person reflects on the length of the cable you use, it makes me wonder since Chiyu and Taku are dating why is she using a short cable with Haru?

But early in the episode we get a look at Chiyu’s avatar, looks just like her in cat ears while Haru yeah still using that stupid short pig one but we learn that you can actually change it, I already wish he would cause I got tired of seeing it by the second episode.

In this episode it seems there’s a class change and by sheer luck Taku, Haru, and Chiyu are all now in the same class of 2-C, Haru had a nightmare that he opens the door and everyone looks like the bully from episode one.

The real point of this episode was to get a glimpse of Chiyu’s dual avatar called Lime Bell which is a pure color that is supposed to be rare to get, but whats really rare about her dual avatar is its purpse in battle, her finisher is called Citron Call.

What I don’t get is how are going to keep her speical attack a secret when it looks like this when it’s charged all the way up, Im sure people would notice it and even more the effect of it as well.

Animation is this new episode was some of the best in the series, I can’t put my finger on why same with sound, it was a lot better than the early episodes even with no background music really I can’t tell if Im getting use the animation style and the voice actor’s voices but I hope it keeps it up.

Overall Violation was sort of a let down to me more so with the way Absolution ended theres no clues on the effect it had on the team and more so on the Accel World. I know that next episode, that I forget to get a screenshot, is going to keep the action going with the new student’s arrival at the school and the way he beat Taku in Kendo with dirty tactics will be the focus on the next episode.

I also wonder what Niko was up too, she had no appearance in this episode at all, I assume Haru’s mom is still away and that Niko is still at his house.
Story: B-
Characters: C
Sound: A-
Animation: A
Overall: B


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