Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse – Burning Capital (First Part)

Total Eclipse starts out with battle where humans found life on Mars, we learn of aliens who are trying to kill mankind are called BETAs. This intro reminds me a lot of the game Resistance where Chimera are an alien breed that tries to overtake Earth and make it their new home.
The episode is about a girl named Yui and her friends who are going to a school called Imperial Japanese Armed Forces Surface Pilot Training School, to learn how to pilot robot mech bots called Type-82 Zuikaku to fight the BETA invasion, which Yui’s family help make.

During class we meet a girl named Yamashiro, we really don’t get any back story on her to figure out if she is a friend or foe to Yui.

We really don’t get a good introduction to the characters which for me isn’t good to skip more so when Yui is pretty much attactched at the hip them and they are very close friends as they all even sneak out of the school at night. I forget the girl’s name but her boyfriend gets killed in a battle against the BETAs, but her character really hardly said anything but I still would like to have a backing story on all of them to help me remember their names.

The only real action in this episode was seeing people having to leave their houses and towns to Tokyo as the army and other forces try to stop the BETAs from overtaking Japan. Also the girls at the school have to defend the base even though they have not finished their training at school. The episode ends with Yui and her friends in the Type-82 being launched out to the field to stop the BETAs that have made it past the front line of fighters.

The ED is by far the best ED I have heard since Initial D, and even better than that song. I think they should really use it as the OP instead because it will get you pumped up for the series. I am nearly positive that this is actually the OP song for the series as this episode didn’t have one play at the start of it. Sadly the sound in this episode was horrible I felt and the voice acting was only decent not something I would say is terrible but not the best this season. I’m sure sooner or later we’ll get a great character with great voice acting.

What I’m guessing is the previews for the next episode, which doesn’t show any scenes but just talking just sent shivers up my back from the tone.

Overall Total Eclipse starts out with a good story but slowly dies down into a boring episode. Most of the episode was actually just talking about the BETA invasion. I did like this episode and wish that since it is heavy on the dialog I wish it was 50 minutes like series like Fate/Zero, EVOL, and a few others do. The fact that it’s talking there really is no action, but to get the history of the world out there for us instead of slowly episode by episode, I feel that doing things that way is a double edge sword, it gives us the full background story right off the bat so we know what is going to happen or events that brings us to where the story starts and also on the negative aspect it really acts like a book on tape. Of course this is coming from a guy who hates anime series that has to do deal with mecha or alien invasions this series needs to pull out all the steps with nice action, great characters with deep backstories, and an overall great story to win me over, this episode is not how you try to win a mecha/alien invasion series hater over but the way the episode ends perhaps Burning Capital (Second Part) will redeem this series.

Story: B-
Characters: F
Sound: B
Animation: B-
Overall: C+


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