Binbougami ga! – Round 1

Binbougami ga! is a series about the Japanese gods of misfortune and the world’s balance of fortune and misfortune being unbalanced, I guess the higher god sends a god named Momiji to go to the human world, though its clear she doesn’t want too, she would rather stay at Fort Mis and read her book.

Momiji has to go to the human world to I guess make Sakura Ichiko’s life a living hell to make the balance more even, Sakura is a popular girl at her school I guess due to her chest size which after seeing the target’s picture pisses Momiji off.

Sakura is actually only popular with guys due to how perfect she is and every girl in the school hates her guts and gave her the informal nickname of Tittyko.

After Momiji gets Sakura’s attention at home she tells her of her two goals, Sakura has very high level of fortune and drains the fortune of those around her. Sakura then pokes fun at how flat chested Momiji is, which is something she shouldn’t have done.

Sound wise the OP starts out reminding me of a classic Mario game and reminds me of a song that would have fit the anime series K-on! more than this one. The music that plays in the episode mostly when Sakura thinks back on her life with her butler Suwano fit perfectly as well as the great voice acting that is in the episode. The ED unlike the OP is perfect, the scenes that play as the music does has nothing to do with the episodes but while its hard to put into words just watching it, it just flows together.

Character-wise the design of Sakura is pretty plain but the design of Momiji is one I’ll never forget, the banner on her head, the one eye covered by her hair, the bandaged arm, she actually reminds me of Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess a bit but a more twisted form of her.

Teddy well he reminds of Kon from Bleach but thankfully he doesn’t talk, if he could I would hope he doesn’t have one of the most annoying voices I have ever heard and that would be his English dubbed voice.

Overall I will say this episode has to be the funniest anime series I’ve seen since B Gata H Kei, at first I was expecting a Edo period Japan and a god trying to make the life of a samurai a living hell, because thats the only time people thought there was a god in everything living and such so to get a modern-day series out of the beginning I was happy to keep watching.
This episode proves to me that Summer 2012 just might be worth while after all the comedy was relentless and just raising the bar each chance they could.

This series reminds me of the first episode of Ah! My Goddess as if he was going to be seprated from Belldandy, who Momiji reminds me of, he would have bad luck I just wish that was the main focus of Ah! My Goddess instead of it being a girl aimed series that went straight to hell after it stopped following the plot and just became a no story series. But anyway I’m already saying that this is going to be in the top 3 best series this season. Tari Tari already has the top 3 on lock and Total Eclipse, though I didn’t like the first episode I feel that it has a good story and will make a decent overall series.

Story: A
Characters: A+
Sound: B+
Animation: B
Overall: A+


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