Tari Tari – Running and Inviting

Tari Tari is a warm and light hearted anime series about a girl named Miyamoto and her friends towards the end of their high school lives.

During the first episode her teacher, who is referred to as Takai is expecting a child, there is a transfer student (I feel he’ll play a larger role in future episodes) is coming back to Japan after 12 years living in Europe. He has to be one of the oddest characters I’ve seen in a while as he does all the Japanese cultures but gets some of them a tad different, like kneeling to the ground to greet the class.

The main focus on this episode is on Miyamoto who wants to sing in the school’s choir but due to a mistake she made last year is stuck being the piano page turner. She goes to her teacher and begs her to let her sing and after being turned down and she quits the club. She starts to try and get her friends to join as for the club to have a chance of being a real after school activity club she needs 5 other members. She then tries to get her friends to join, such as her friend Sakai who for some reason quit singing she even goes as far to ask her brother Makoto to join as he was taking a bath at home. I can tell she is really scrapping the barrel to get people she knows to join as she plans to blackmail him into joining.

For the characters in the series I can tell that character design is really a huge focus, they all look a bit plain but for some reason it actually fits in with the series’ look and overall feel of the series.

I just hope the girl Miyamoto shows up more and has a larger part because I do like her design but she looks like she was from Kamen Rider W due to her “hard boiled” clothing style. To really get that you would have to have watched Kamen Rider W.

The OP is nice and it fits the series, I wish that more series picked a theme song that matched the overall feel of the series. It just flows with the scenes that play during the song and though I typed this part out before I finished the episode I was right that the OP would fit in with the anime. The ED is just like the OP it just fits it’s the perfect way to close out the episodes and I can tell that if the other episodes are like the first then the ED will only get better when thinking back on the episode.

Next episode preview for Gathering and Struggling doesn’t really show us anything, with it not saying much but a few clips what the next episode is about is up in the air.<br.
Of course Miyamoto wanting to start the new choir club actually goes without saying.

Overall I was actually blown away, normally series that have to do with music such as K-On! I lose interest in though each episode and it really becomes a task to watch and to drag the personal hell on and on I often pause and have to do something just to get my mind to escape for a few minutes. Tari Tari actually kept my interest and made me want to keep watching. Some days I wish anime was like most drama shows like Gloomy Salad Days and show two episodes each week or do what some series do and just merge the first two episodes together. I think I’ll make a note on when this series ends because I don’t want to really get behind on it like I normally do.

Story: B
Characters: B+
Sound: A-
Animation: A
Overall: A-


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