Campione! – The Saga Begins

Campione! stars out in Sardinia, Italy, Im not really a fan of anime that takes place outside of Japan I don’t know why Ive just always been like this. But we learn the character is in Italy due to his grandfather sending him there with a stone tablet to return to a woman who lives on the island. While we get an internal dialog a woman comes up saying something in Italian, now I have no idea what it is since I don’t speak a single world of it same goes for who Im guessing is going to be the main character who introduces himself as Godou Kusanahi (Just going to stick with calling him Godou).
What I find odd is when Godou tells her his name in English she starts speaking Japanese, only in anime would this happen unless she knows his name is Japanese. But I can never hate Hikasa Youko not since her voice as Rias in Highschool DxD and before that in Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

Thankfully Campione! doesn’t really stay like this for long as something called a Heretic God appears, I just have a feeling that I really won’t like Lady Erica that much but actually like her servent Arianna more.

As Erica fights the Heretic God Godou runs into a person who has been “reviving the old kings of gods and fighting them”, this person is an odd character to be honest. The charcter of Lucretia Zola is a bit like the witch in Soul Eater, just there for comedy and for perverted minds to wonder due to her words, and it worked!

The episode really picks up when two gods are about to fight and Erica says she has to stop them or the island will disappear, on the way Godou remembers the words that Zola told him about the tablet he was sent to give her. We learn what power the Prometheus grimoire has and why Erica said it was a powerful grimoire, the only problem no one has told Godou how to use it!

Overall this series really took me by surprise, it really stands out to the other animes that are a lot like it, the story and the way the episode plays out is somewhat original. I like the characters though Erica didn’t do much but get drunk and threaten to kill Godou.
But other than that the animation is solid but sadly had a no backing music and somewhat bland voice acting for the series. I hope that sometime soon they fix the backing music there is only one place backing music was noticeable and that was during the end credits now if that was playing as Godou had the grimore the scene would have been a lot better.

But anyway as this takes place in Italy and so does Arcana Famiglia, I can say that Campione! is the better one this season, I just hope that there’s no more anime set in Italy this season! Campione! got lucky and Arcana Famiglia well is going to be going nowhere soon, another one I might just drop on the spot! But as far Campirone! goes its a great watchable episode I can only hope episode 2 finds a way to be even better this one, I just want this series to start strong and stay the way throughout its run.

Story: A
Characters: B-
Sound: C+
Animation: A-
Overall: A


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