Nazo no Kanojo X – The Mysterious Squeeze!

The Mysterious Squeeze! starts when Oka talking about Urabe being nude at the school festival from last episode and shows her a photo she took while Urabe was naked in the class room with Hayakawa

When Urabe can’t get the picture from Oka she does the next best thing and cuts the photo into a million pieces with her scissors, not that I didn’t see that one coming! I can say for once Im glad Oka had a scene, pretty much the only time that has happened.

On the way after school Urabe wants to taste Akira’s saliva, which Akira makes a comment in his head about still remembering seeing her nude in a classroom knows that she’ll know and react the same way he does when he remembers.

When Urabe gets home her heart is still pounding and her body is still hot from the saliva from Akira and she remembers what Oka said during lunch about the school festival. The next day he breaks her no hugging rule once again, I can’t help but wonder does this kid have a death wish?

But on the other hand licking her saliva isn’t actually a base and they have been dating for a while, Urabe should have let that one slide.

Yeah thats my face when I run out of Nazo no Kanojo X to watch!

One thing leads to another and once again Akira ends up at Urabe’s house, last time his visit there did not go well, and I have a feeling that this won’t be any different. In this episode we get a bit of emotion from Urabe, the sound of her voice sounds the same but because she feels guilty on what happed the voice just feels heavy and I can tell in her voice that she actually is truly sorry, even though it was no big deal, she actually seems to be overly protective of him. Something the last episode I wouldn’t have guessed or well any episode she just seemed disconnected from her feelings. We learn that her sudden change came from a strange dream she had, and yes this is still Nazo no Kanojo X. so when you can’t put it in words all you have to say is “lick it” and the other person will understand.

Overall this episode had everything I had expected this series to have watching it all these weeks and tons of things that I didn’t expect, such as Urabe claiming that shes horny.

That was a moment I had to pause and get a good laugh out. I also liked how caring and protective she is of Akira, but the biggest surprise was that I didn’t mind Oka, now as much as I hated her in the past shes actually a good character, when I noticed I was starting to like that leech of a character I knew that this series has reached an all time high with me.

Im starting to like the fact that instead of being friends with Urabe shes trying to be more like her, just she has to learn how to control those damn scissors.
With episode 12 down, now theres one episode left, I pretty much stopped during the ending cause I don’t want a preview to ruin the episode because after episode 13 my life goes down the toilet with no more Urabe to give me a reason to live at least in anime form. I want a S2 (season 2) and a few OVAs but Im getting a head of myself. I just know Im going to miss Urabe so much, she is still in the top favorite female and all time anime characters.

Story: A
Characters: A+
Sound: A-
Animation: A
Overall: A+


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