Nazo no Kanojo X – The Mysterious Boyfriend and Girlfriend

The final episode

The Mysterious Boyfriend and Girlfriend has a lot to do with Akira and his family, some has to do with his sister who has really been missing for most of the series, when I say missing I mean not seen, heard, or even mentioned in most of the series.
Most episodes she would be seen in the living area downstairs as Akira is leaving for school. But in this episode Akira sees her sleeping in the same area and drooling. First thought was “Oh god man, don’t do it, its your sister!” But as shes out in town she runs into Urabe and they go to a cafe called Cafe Cat Town….which the logo is the same as the Bad Cat logo that Urabe has been pretty much whoring throughout the series (*Akira is shown wearing a Bad Cat watch later in the episode, first time its not on Urabe*).

I still feel that the meaning behind the whole Bad Cat isn’t going to be explained as this is the final episode.

In this episode we meet their dad and find out what happened to their mom. I feel these things to be introduced at the last moment and should have at least have been brought up sometime during the episodes at least, I mean it’s a big and odd “Oh!” moment at least for me.

Well their dad hes not a major character not even a minor character. I guess they just grabbed some guy off the street, thats how much of a last-minute add on I feel HE is.

Overall the final episode of Nazo no Kaojo X was really a wasted episode but Urabe saying “We’ll be doing more bolder things” leaves it open to a possible second season, which I don’t see it really happening sadly, but I hope there is a second season, only time will tell to be honest. If there is a second season, my body is ready for it.

The reason why I didn’t like this episode as much as the last two episodes was it didn’t really have the same appeal in terms of new things really put in the series, no crazy Oka, no random scissors attacks, or anything that was present in the last episode. Really I wish they handled it as a normal episode. It just didn’t go all out like final episodes should.

Story: F
Characters: B-
Sound: B
Animation: A
Overall: D


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