Arcana Famiglia – Birthday Night

Arcana Famiglia takes place on a “trade island” called Regalo and it takes place I would say turn on the century as a group of men try to escape in a Model-T looking car, my first thoughts of this was “Oh god, I hate turn of the century anime series, one of the reasons I haven’t finished Baccano! yet”. I don’t know why but series that are about the turn of the century and takes place in Europe chances are I’ll never finish them unless my eyes are kept opened and Im strapped down to a chair like in Clockwork Orange.

The idea of this series really isn’t anything original or hasn’t been beaten to death, the characters belong to a vigilante organization that protects the island, the organization is called Arcana Famiglia.

They got the name as their powers are all from the Arcana cards, a lot like the Persona games.

In this episode the head of the Arcana family is planning to retire and to pick a new head he plans to hold a Arcana Duello and the person who wins the Arcana Duello also gets to marry his daughter Felicita.

Right then I would be all for it to be honest, but I would want to change her dull character look. After the prize of being the new head of the family and getting Felicita as their bride starts to sink in the main characters just seem to relish in the idea of that.

Soundwise which I’m still gladthey played an OP as most series as of late have been skipping over it or using it as the ED for the first episode, but the OP is really good. It’s an upbeat rock song, it reminds me of Tommy Hevenly6 a bit but with a better band. I will be buying the OST for this series soon as I find it for some reason 2012 has been the year of good OPs but it still can’t beat the OP for Another. The ED is really odd the music is actually good with a violin and piano which is what it should have stuck with because the singing just kills the song almost to the point where I just want to press stop and not see the next episode preview.

Debito and Jolly seem to be the only two characters I like and seem somewhat better than the rest of the cast the voice acting for both sound like it’s the same person as they are both carefree and relaxed.

Nova just reminds me of the main character of Persona 3, the suit he wears doesn’t help me trying to distance them, I keep expecting him to turn and have the S.E.E.S. armband on. I just want to say that Debito as I said when I reviewed an episode of Hiiro, eyepatch means favorite character of the series and so far in my view it’s still a fact as I love Debito already and he hasn’t done anything yet!

Overall with the first episode over so far nothing worthwhile has happened, I am however interested in the idea but I really don’t see the Arcana Duello going to happen anytime soon so I can pretty tell this is going to be like Moon Phase and other series, take a good idea for a long running manga and do an anime which goes in the opposite direction. Anime like that ruins series and I wish people would stop doing this. One thing I really hated was the cast of characters, I know it’s really early and I should give the characters a few episodes to show they have some sort of depth to them, but all the characters even my favorites Debito and Jolly look completely boring at first glance. To be honest if I end up watching the series as I know nothing is really going to actually happen I might have finally broken the curse of hate for turn of the century Euro setting anime, but that doesn’t mean Im going to suddenly rush and restart Baccano!, I’ve tried to watch that series about 6 times and each time I stop watching it by the 3rd episode. Don’t get me started on Gunslinger Girls because I could fill your ears with some hisses.

Next episode preview: says that Liberta and Felicita looking for the owner of a lost cat. Okay I know I said that beach episodes for animes are the worst idea ever but I think I finally found an episode that could be worst. Now that wouldn’t have been bad if Arcana Famiglia was like The Getbackers or Sket Dance but I can’t see nothing but a too painful to watch episode is coming!

Story: C
Characters: F
Sound: B
Animation: B+
Overall: B-


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  1. vcdeatheaterzz

    Its to early to tell

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