Medaka Box – Controlling the Student Council

Medaka Box starts out with the main character Medaka Kurokami giving a speech as the new student council president which she won 98% to 2%.

In her speech she promises to help all students no matter their problems all they have to do is put it in the suggestion box or the “Medaka Box”, hence the name of the series and manga. Early on we meet Zenkichi who has known Medaka since they where 2 years old and that she has been bossing around nearly ever since.

She seems to always drag him into things even when he doesn’t and he won’t join the council as he pretty much says in the student council room only to turn around and see that Medaka undressed behind him.

The first thing that was placed in the Medaka Box is about a bunch of delinquents in the school’s kendo dojo. Really this was the only part for me that the episode sorta picked up yet the part where I was really bored watching as Medaka was pretty much unbeatable even when out numbered about 8 to 1, she was able to take the kendo sword from the leader and then with her speed able to get through them while taking all their cigarettes from them.

Towards the end of the episode we meet Hyuuga a class mate of Zenkichi and Shiranui who is a 3rd dan of kendo and wanted the delinquents cleared out so he could practice kendo on his own. We also hear of Shiranui’s request for Medaka to help Hyuuga. I won’t say what it is even though this season has finished airing.>

Character wise it’s rather plan not even Medaka stands out from other female characters in ecchi series. The character Shiranui who is one of the most annoying characters in recent memory that I have hated at first sight!
I don’t know why but she just rubs me the wrong way, I can’t tell if its her hair or what I just want something bad to happen to her already! For the rest Medaka and Zenkichi their really plan so far, I just feel that Medaka is really boring as she can do nearly everything and never fails at anything she tries, as said by Zenkichi early on in the episode. I just want them to have a character to give me a reason to watch this series to be honest.

Overall Medaka Box is living up the hype people have told me in the Steam chat room I go too, they all told me its nothing speical, this sorta breaks my “clear mind and non biased” way of watching anime. However they where wrong, this series so far has tons of promise but I have a feeling they will pull a Best Student Council and find a way to take a series with tons of promise and make it worse until Im at the point that I can not watch another episode out of risk of dropping my sperm count. I hope Im wrong because season 2 has been confirmed and its been a long while that I can actually watch a second season of a series while it airs as I like to watch season 1 first, I can’t even remember the last time I was able to do this.

Story: F
Characters: F
Sound: F
Animation: D+
Overall: F


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