Accel World – Absolution

Absolution starts with the Calamity Armor Chrome Disaster impaling the Yellow King, Yellow Radio as the last episode showed. Absolution is sort of a good and bad episode it really sums up how Accel World has been, so far as I see it, the good is the fight with Cherry Rook using the Calamity Armor and the bad is all the touchy stuff that goes on between Niko and Haru.

I did however as a whole really enjoy this episode because we still get Niko’s “to hell with friendship” attitude and a bit of a good fight.
I don’t understand how Cherry Rook even in the armor didn’t really attack people as in a frenzy as I thought he would do due to the description by Niko and Snow Black, it wasn’t anything like the vision we got from Snow Black’s memory in the last episode. I would have thought that even hurt they would keep trying attack in a frenzy instead of trying to get to the return point to log out.

Really there was a good “Wow Niko is a heartless bitch” when she tried to take out Snow Black and Haru while they where talking, Im glad she did to put an end to the mushy Snow Black and Haru we actually have more than enough of those scenes already!

Theres actually a good cliff hanger that makes you wonder whats going to happen in next in the series but I’ll just leave that bit for you guys to think about when you watch this. But after the battle Haru’s mom is still away on her trip and that a friend’s daughter is going to be staying there for a while and yep the only character giving life to the series Niko is still living at Haru’s place.

Speaking of Niko her character background is actually really deep! We hear about her friendship with Cherry Rook, what her school actually is for, and what is going to happen to Cherry Rook and how hes acting now he lost Brain Brust. I actually sorta felt sad for her but it does explain why she couldn’t actually fight Cherry Rook at the start of the fight.

I have a feeling that future episodes will also have friends against friends I just hope its more like Taku versus Haru as that fight actually had a bit of action.
Overall I would say that Accel World is picking up and actually watchable, it just took 11 episodes to get to this point, and I wanted to drop the series at about episode 7 but each time I was saying “This is the last episode Im watching”, they would give me a great episode to watch to make me stay with the series.

Violation preview

The previews for the next episode Violation makes me say “YES about time for more Chiyu!” Im wondering if she finally becomes a burst linker at last!?

Story: B-
Sound: C+
Animation: A
Overall: B+


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