2LDK is about two girls who are polar opposites from one another, the out-of-town girl trying to follow her dream Nozomi and her roommate Rana who is the glamour girl type who uses make up, fake eyelashes, and expensive clothing to seem beautiful. 2LDK is about the two who are actresses after the same role for the movie called “Yakuza Wives”, though they live together through out the film you hear what they actually think of each other.

Before you read the review 2LDK and Aragami where made from a challenge to two directors from Shinya Kawai, the rules where:

film a feature length movie with only two actors, battling in one setting, in only the time frame of one week

Overall my thoughts on 2LDK is pretty cut and dry, the movie is pretty terrible and simple the movie was filmed in 8 days, due to a bet from producer Shinya Kawai to Ryuhei Kitamura, and Yukihiko Tsutsumi, and after seeing this train wreck of a movie anyone that puts a bet or challenge like this on the table again should be shot! Mostly due to there is nothing for me to review without giving away the ending or saying why Rana sees a dead woman and a baby in the bath tub.

The script I think was less than 10 pages long because there is not a lot of dialog to add to the sad attempt of a story. I feel this movie could have been great if they could have added to the movie which is only 70 minues long but really only 35 minutes of dialog then the rest is Nozomi and Rana trying to kill each other (Again that damned Shinaya)

I just find this to be a perfect waste of time to watch this movie and I question what was the greatness critics found about this movie?

Story: F
Characters: D-
Sound: F
Direction: D-
Overall: F


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