Kingdom – The Fated Encounter

Fated Encounter tells a lot about the first episode mostly why Shoubanku only wanted to take Hyou to the Royal Palace and didn’t want to take Shin. In this episode Shin gets a map to go to an area past a village of outlaws, the only problem is hes being chased by an assassin from the Royal Palace and when he finds thats where Shin went he goes to chase him down.

This episode has a bit of fighting mostly with Shin going through the village of outlaws that he actually the fighting is really terrible but the fight with the assassin is decent but also poor.

We learned that in the first episode that the King’s younger brother is after the throne for himself as he feel betrayed that hes been overlooked and feels he should be king as his older brother doesn’t have a direct blood tie to the king like he does. I guess hes the son of a woman the King married before he died and was made king instead of his own son.
The animation still uses cheap CGI effects which like in the first episode makes the animation seem even worse than they actually are.
The voice acting between who Shin meets is better than the rest of the cast but he just doesn’t sound right. I don’t know why I just can’t really get behind the voice acting of him in his role.

Overall The Fated Encounter is just fated to fail like the series so far, its leading up to really a plot thats been done before in everything and doesn’t really attempt to anything original. I have not made an attempt to read the manga but since I watch the anime before I attempt to find a great manga series to start to read when I hear its going to be turned into an anime series, Kingdom is going to be put on my “Won’t read” list.

Story: F
Characters: F
Sound: D
Animation: C
Overall: F


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