Gloomy Salad Days – Xiao Lin (2)

This episode stars where Xiao Lin (1) ends, with Xiao Lin stealing from her aunt and uncle and sneaking out, she actually starts to open up to a guy she meets named Jie, his full name is Jin Jie Shu, who is a graffiti artist. She opens up to him about her parents but lies and says they have fallen ill, same with the same story she said when starting school. She wants to help him win his father’s approval with his art that he tags on a wall that his dad jogs past everyday. To be honest he doesn’t sound too bright at first as he claims the ink rock he threw in the water was worth over $100,000.

When she gets back to her aunt and uncle’s covenant shop, they find that she stole money from them, just 1,000 dollars. Her uncle sheds light on Xiao’s past of stealing things. Hes actually abusive towards her slapping her in the face and even comments at her are actually more painful than slaps to the face.

The story jumps back to school after the break where she is back to being her old, gloomy, not speaking much self after Jie said he never wants to see her again because she wrote his name on the wall for his dad to see, her dad said he can’t come back from Hong Kong from another month and her mom getting into a drunken fit after she mentions that her dad ran to Hong Kong with his new girlfriend.

Here we meet a key person at school that saw Du in the first episode with Huang He. His name is Shen Qi, he actually has a surprise for Du that she didn’t expect.

The rest of the episode it would be a spoiler to say anything else but I’ll say its one of the saddest episodes of the series if not THE saddest episode of the series. People that can relate to Xiao will say its the saddest, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

The whole way her story was told was sorta odd, everyone she cared for even that she started to get a crush on Jie has pretty much kicked her to the side which I feel made her pretty much stop caring about herself. Du’s role in the episode wasn’t that big but she makes a few key remarks about Xiao most chilling is to her in the dorm in the last few minutes of the episode, I will say that if someone tells you that the outcome can’t be good.

Thats not the haunting line Du tells Xiao. Not even close to the WTF line she says.

Next 2 episodes are about Nicole, who other than Du is my favorite character. So far shes had a good impact on the story and characters, those being Huang He and Xiao. If you’ve seen up to this point with the way episodes end you can just imaged how much my skin crawled when they show Nicole with Du’s rock. I was in shock saying “No, not Nicole!”

Overall Xiao Lin’s story was sad but sorta incomplete even though the episode ends in a great twist if this was a psychological thriller movie. I would have liked to see how her aunt is going to react as she seemed to be the only character that cared about her as well as her teacher who seemed to want to be friends with her.

Sorry but I had too. Odd line that woke me up

I also wanted to see what her home life was like before the separation of her parents, in both episodes I expected a heart warming flashback like in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger with Luka’s past that was shown in episode 6, but sadly not a flashback was shown. As I said this arc is one of the saddest if not the saddest in the series, highly recommended as its even better than the first few stories, including Nicole’s story. I would say if your on the fence about the series watch episode 3 and 4 to give you an idea on the type of show it is.

Story: A
Characters: A-
Sound: B
Direction: A
Overall: A+


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