Kingdom – The Boy With No Name

Kingdom starts out with a guy named Shin, who has been walking 3 days with his friend Hyou to get to a village.

On the way they hear and see a war being waged, the anime actually takes place in China, which I would actually guessed the Endo period of Japan. There are seven provinces at war against another, Yan, Chi, Zhao, Wei, Han, Chu, and Qin. Both Hyou and Shin are orphans who lost their parents to war, Shin is often beating by the head of the village because he can’t do anything right, its shown that he wants nothing to do but escape from being a slave.

While in a field practicing to be come brave warriors, at which Hyou is quite better than Shin, they are seen by Shoubanku who happens to be a minister serving the Royal Palace. Shoubanku has come to the village to take care of Hyou and place him at work in the Royal Palace.

The only drawl back is he only wants to take Hyou and not Shin, this makes Shin work even harder to prove his own strength. A month after Hyou leaves for the Royal Palace he hears a horrible rumor of what could have happened to his friend. I won’t ruin the story by telling the rumor.

The OP song doesn’t really fit the series, a rock song just doesn’t fit other than the lyrics. The ED fits a lot better Voice acting isn’t the best, its so-so at best, some roles the actors are good and for some its decent at best. Animation is pretty cheesy as some of the scenes seem like cheap CGI, not like the scenes in Initial D as those scene fit in with the series, the CGI like scenes here just make the animation look cheap.

The anime would be better with more drawn details in the face and shading, some scenes in the episode show that the animation could have been great but instead they went with average animation.

Characters in the series aren’t the best, to be honest Hyou is really the only character thats good in the series. Even though Shin and Hyou both have good backstories theres just something that seperates them from one another, he might be the fact that Hyou is more calm and collected while Shin is just quick to get angry, cocky, and mostly there for comic relief.

For character design this is where the anime already drops the ball, most of the people remind me of NPCs from a Dyansty Warrior game same with the opening of the series my mind just said Dynasty Warriors trailer. But to be perfectly honest Hyou reminded me a lot of Andriod 17 from Dragon Ball Z, I know I can’t be the only person who thought that at first glance.

Overall I would say that for the first episode being 49 minutes I was expecting a long boring episode full of talking just like Fate/Zero’s first episode was. Since I wasn’t really expecting anything I feel like the episode was drawn out but better to get it all out-of-the-way then to stretch it into two episodes that would be boring. I will say that the episode ends on a good cliff hanger that makes me wonder how the second episode is going to play out, I really didn’t know the series started airing and as Im 2 episodes in the hole right now after watching this one, I see why it got such a low score on Anime-Planet.

Story: D
Characters: C
Sound: F
Animation: C
Overall: D


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