Accel World – Obligation

This episode starts with Haru and his friends along with Niko (Yuniko) are set up by Yellow Radio, the yellow king. Its because since the Cherry Rook has the Armor of Catastrophe and is attacking people like the original person who had the armor cursed, one user of the Yellow Legion lost all their points and lost the Brain Burst program, under the treaty anyone of the legion of the person that broke it has to face the same end.

As its been said that Snow Black killed the original Red King because she wanted to get to level 10, but we finally get to see what happened thanks to Yellow Radio. The scene is actually better seeing then just hearing about it. Im glad they showed it cause you can only hear about something so many times and wonder why she went through so much trouble to hide her true avatar.

I can say Im tired of having to remember all the things that go on in the Accel World and Im glad there isn’t a test, it seems like there should be a wiki guide on Accel World that you can read before watching this series. Their on a neutral field and there seems to be twice the amount of things that goes on and that Haru didn’t know about. I would think his friends would have at least mentioned something about “Leave Points” to him.

Character rating is going to be high as Taku flipped and went psycho in order to defend Haru, Snow Black, and Scarlet Rain. I would have liked to see him go this far off the deep end when he was trying to take Haru out in the fight he had early on in the series.

Also I like Yellow Radio he seems to be an odd guy to face in Brain Burst as he could take you out with Zero Fill and his other deadly attack that distorts your vision and make you think things are spinning. To me he just seems to be The Joker and Riddler from Batman all in one, hes pretty crazy. Makes me wonder and wish Taku and friends run into him in the real world cause I would like to see what hes like outside of Brain Burst. Niko is also better in this episode as she goes all out to take out the people Yellow Radio has gathered to ambush Taku and his friends, and when I say all out she turns into a fucking war demon! I can see why shes one of the kings.

Music that plays in this episode is great I still feel that the rock guitar music should be used more often and I hope it made it on the Accel World OST, I think thats really the only song in I actually like. Voice acting is actually a tad better because of the emotion behind their voices, mostly Haru when he talks too and thanks Taku for his sacrifice to allow the rest to escape also his words to Snow Black.

Overall THIS is what Accel World should have been like from the start!

This is by far the best episode because everyone goes all out and changes what I expected to them to be from the last episode. I will admit I hate that the episode is over already, it ended at the worst time as Black Lotus is about to use her finishing move. But at least we know where Cherry Rook is! I can’t wait for the next episode airs I should have waited for the next episode to air before starting this one.

Absolution preview:

Yeah shit is going to hit the fan in the next episode.

Story: A-
Sound: A
Animation: A
Overall: A+


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