Hiiro no Kakera – The Five Guardians

The Five Guardians we meet the fifth and last guardian Shinji, he left the village because his guardian powers didn’t manifest but returned after he learned a few things such as how he stopped Kasuga from falling after she bumped into him.

In a test to see what powers Shinji has Kasuga’s grandmother blows a knife at him, a little extreme if you ask me, but turning a piece of paper into a knife and just blowing it across a room, maybe grandma isn’t as weak as I thought.

But we learn that Shinji’s power lets him control his surroundings. Grandma seems to approve of his power and welcomes him back as a guardian.

Some times I wonder what Ohmi-san (Kasuga’s grandmother) is thinking, now that there are 5 guardians again she wants them to take turns making sure Kasuga gets back to the house safely. Looking back on the last episode, it would be best if they didn’t do this as it took all four to defeat the gods and the Tatari Gami (Beast thing with the sword).

The new character is a first year student named Inukai Shinji (I’ll refer to him as Shinji) who is the fifth guardian.

In the first episode we learn that the four characters that protect Kasuga are called the five brothers even though theres only four of them. His character design is pretty boring to be honest nothing really sticks out, but his voice actor is decent, not great like Onizaki or Atori, but I’ll just wait and see if they add depth to his character or just leave him alone for now. But yeah one thing I hate is Kasuga’s classmate Kiyono

Don’t worry for those that seen Hell Girl as you see theres no red thread around the neck so I guess Hell awaits!

We finally get the names of the “bad guys” of the series and thanks to Drei we learn they work for someone called “Monado”, or as he puts it the holy Monado. But all of their names are Vier the older woman not the loli character, Eins, Zwei the guy with the eyepatch, and Drei.

Animation and soundwise this anime is at my standards, the sound is the same a lot better than I would have thought not only with voice acting but OP and ED songs, sounds in the anime, and music picked as the backing soundtrack. All of the music fits and seems to flow together with the scene. Animation the scenes are great, not exactly the best animation I’ve seen even this season but it is better than I would expect at first glance of the series. I just hope that egg god thing that asks for an offering comes back up.

Overall the story for this episode isn’t really that good, I thought it was going to be about Shinji and getting back into the swing of things now that hes a guardian again. Thankfully it wasn’t because if that was the story it would have been unwatchable and I would have skipped the episode.

I can tell that the episode was going to pick up once I saw Zwei and his weapon, one fact about me is no matter how many times I see it, once I see a character with an eyepatch they become a favorite character for me. Agito (Air Gear), Kenpatchi (Bleach), Lucia (Venus Versus Virus), and Shimei Ryomou (Ikkitousen) just to name a few of my favorite eyepatch characters. But Im getting tired Kasuga she does nothing and prevented something I wanted to see, they all gear up to fight then she stops them.

Is this episode enjoyable not at all but it is watchable as it brings in another element as Kasuga gets headaches all of a sudden and can tell when people are getting close or has interrupted a seal by passing through it

Story: F
Characters: B+
Sound: A-
Animation: A
Overall: B-


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