Hiiro no Kakera – Determined First Step

Determined First Step the story well really went over my head for the most part, the story really follows the first episode with talks of artifacts, seal weaking, sealed grounds, and Tamayori bloodline. Really unlike the first episode I won't go into detail here because I wouldn’t know where to start on explaining it. I will say her grandmother has an explanation of her and I admit I didn’t see it coming.

Other then that I will say that the egg god thing is back…..in mass.
Once again I wonder the question "What the fuck is this shit?" He comes up asking for an offering then next thing we know theres hundreds of them and right at that time I wouldn’t be staring I would be running for my life. I would rather deal with the horde of gods they fight then even have 2 of those egg looking things. I would rather fight this huge thing with the sword then deal with those egg things.

For the characters we meet who I guess are the “bad guys” of the series, though it is short.

For the cast of character we met in the first episode when they fight the gods in the forest, its nice to know they can handle things with attacks.

I just feel sorta bad for Onizaki all the other characters have great attacks to defeat large groups and all he can really do is punch.

Sounds like I got my wish from my review of the first episode when I wanted the ED song to be the OP. Im glad they used it the song because the sound and the lyrics fit the anime perfectly. The ED is a lot like the OP the lyrics echo the theme of the series about protecting someone who is what the 4 male characters do. The voice acting once again is really good and so is the music in the episode, I think they nailed everything perfectly or as perfect as they could, the sound effects had a tad delay but then again Im going to blame it on my encoding as it only happened in one scene and even then it wasn't terribly off time.

The episode preview is going to make my brain melt again on top of a ton of new details on shrines, artifacts, and stuff another character. To be honest the guy looks like a boring character I hope hes a wolf in sheep's clothing though or can bring something new, exciting and unexpected to the series.

Story: D
ACharacters: A-
Sound: A
Animation:Overall: A-


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