Hiiro no Kakera – Tamayori Princess

Hiiro no Kakera starts out with a woman on a bus out to a country village, she mentions shes going to her grandmother’s house and takes a trip through the woods when her cell phone is out of range. Already Im starting to get the feeling of Little Red Riding Hood. When she runs into this egg thing with eyes I was thinking to myself, “What the fuck is this shit?!”

I mean I know it’s too early to stop watching but anything would have been better, its anime the writers could have gone crazy. Use creatures of Japanese myths like my favorite the Kappa.

She runs into these 3 slime looking things and is saved by a guy who uses a talisman spell to keep her from being spirited away.

We learn the woman’s name is Kasuga Tamaki and the man is Onizaki Takuma. We also meet a younger girl named Kotokura Mitsuru, also a servent of a woman called Baba-sama who is of course Kasuga’s grandmother.

Her grandmother explains the reasons the god’s that she encountered where after her and why she called Kasuga to the village. All this is really the main focus of the episode and would be sorta hard for me to explain, plus that would defeat the reason why its a nearly perfect episode.

Characters on the outside seem pretty plain but they are very informative and give us some details on things. I think that Kotokura Mitsuru (I’ll just refer to her as Mitsuru from now on)

Is going to be my favorite character in this series and to be honest her design looks a lot better than the rest, more original as Kasuga really just looks too plain to me.

Onizaki Takuma seems like his character is going to turn out to be a bad ass but his character just reminds me too much of York from the PS3 game Cross Edge. An older more mature York, not that its a bad thing. Kasuga’s classmates bug me already and that was the first meeting of Takara Kiyono, just what I need another classmate hanging around the main character attached at the hip like in Mysterious Girlfriend X how Oka is always around Urabe Mikoto during lunch. But this girl’s character design makes me want to throw up could her eyes be any bigger?

Right when I was already saying no more characters, my brain is overloading from the details the grandmother laid out we meet Atori Mahiro. Thankfully another nearly perfect character whose character design I wish was just as great as his character and voice acting is and thankfully again he will play a large role along with Onizaki. In terms of great characters this anime is already loading up! We meet one more character, Komura Yuichi all I can say I see him being the playboy type. Thats all Im going to say cause my brain is melting for sure!

Atori (left) Komura (right)

Soundwise The ED is actually great the perfect to actually end the episodes I feel if all of them are just as great as the first one, a big plus in terms of sound in my book. So many episodes have been ruined in my view by using a terrible ED and OP but this ED song I wouldn’t mind if they used it as the OP song. Great voice acting, the voices actually fit the main cast such as with Mitsuru and Onizaki they are actually the better voice actors here and Im just glad unlike some of the spring 2012 anime the lead male character doesn’t sound like a total wuss, same with Atori his voice acting is really great, a bit typical and what we would expect but it just fits his character. Hes a bit of a hot head yet also can be very cool and calm.

Animation is great the real clear pictures where I have yet to see fuzzy edges or dull colors is great, the early animation of this sorta made me a bit on the fence with the egg thing and the 3 gods that was shown but sticking with the anime really paid off. The close up of a person’s face or the background are great to view even after watching on my PSP which isn’t HD the pictures and colors still look great and vivid.

Overall this series to me could be one of the better ones, I really had no plans to actually watch when the spring anime line up was posted. The whole art work and summary of it didn’t really appeal to me that much, but Im glad that I made time, all though REALLY, REALLY late on getting around to watching the first episode and the series is about to be in the middle of its 26 episode run. I get the feeling that once this episode is over its going to be one of the series that I put ahead of most of the others to catch up with.
With this being the first episode I actually would have loved to get an OP song to get an idea on what music they are going to use, I could skip to the second episode but all in due time, I just want to just relax and let the great story, fantastic cast, perfect voice acting, and nice animation and colors just sink in.

Story: A-
Characters: A
Sound: A-
Animation: B+
Overall: A-


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