AKB0048 – Their Day Off

Before I start this review, this is my LAST review of AKB0048, the series is bad enough when theres a plot to the episode when theres really not its worse than a train wreck.

This episode is about the understudies having a day off its their monthly recreational day which means nothing is planned for them as the manager tells them that the members of AKB0048’s life is pretty much planned down to the minute. The girls really take their day off and spend it in groups for some reason instead of actually just being lazy.

Makoto is the same whiny bitch she has been all through the series, I know theres no death or anything in this series but really the sooner they drop her character the sooner this anime actually starts to get so much better in terms of characters. Really characters in this episode are actually more lame and useless then past episodes because they have nothing to do, the only thing that saved the characters rating was Mayuyu who is food crazy in this episode.

The bath scene how about uncensored with the actual members? I feel that if Im going to watch something thats going downhill, well started downhill when I learned what the story was going to be about, and has found ways to get better then go back to worse than what I expected why not have at least ONE good scene.

Animation wise for the series, yeah the idea that people will watch it due to its an AKB48 product does work, hey Im a big AKB fanboy but you can’t just go on name alone. But hey works for Microsoft and Apple who can shit in a box with their logo on the outside people will want it. (Says the guy on a widow based PC and an iPod in their pocket at the moment…at least Im watching this on a Sony PSP and listening with Sony headphones).

Overall this episode is actually terrible like most episodes in this series. I noticed that a lot of people aren’t really watching this series on Anime-Planet (Im never going back to MAL) its listed as 431 people are watching, 212 want to watch, 14 stalled, 56 dropped, and 64 won’t watch. I also noticed not a lot of anime blogs reviewing or talking about this series, trust me if the AKB fanboy in me wasn’t forcing me to watch this I would be in the dropped stats on Anime Planet.

Nothing for this series says must watch, watchable, hell to be honest even decent! We got one decent episode and while the fanboy is saying “Watch the anime and read the manga” the part of my brain this series hasn’t killed off yet is telling me to just read the manga and review that instead and my eyes are saying fuck the series and fuck the manga, you can’t watch or read it without us. Because the amount of hearts in their eyes, hair, and clothes is making me wonder why do I force my self into this torture? Why don’t I just watch a concert dvd something I can enjoy? I have a feeling if this was C-ute I would be singing a different tune, I still want that anime to happen, I would take a better group with better songs and better members any day of the week. But it wouldn’t be the same without Erika.

Thats it….UNCLE I give up on this series, and the AKB fanboy in me has died a little. I lasted 4 and a half episodes but Im backed up on Spring 2012 series that Im trying to catch up on that unlike AKB0048 are actually watchable and great.


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