Ab・Normal Beauty

Ab・Normal Beauty is about a student at an art school named Jiney who is one of the most talented students as at the start of the movie we learn she has won another by a guy from her art class.
Jiney’s mom goes on a business trip for a month and that shes on her until she gets back, the story starts to unfold into a deep psychological thriller that only one of the Pang brothers could do so well.

The root of the story is after her mom has left Jiney sees a car wreck where a woman was killed when hit by a car, she takes her camera out and starts to take picture and from then on Jiney has an abnormal obsessed with death. The character of Jiney after her obsessed takes over reminds me of the character Ginger Fitzgerald from the movie Ginger Snaps who in her art class would have projects such as photos and short films that have to do with the beauty of death.

Early on we can see the obsession with death is slowly taking over her as we see in the art class that she adds blood to her drawing of the model after grip on reality slips and she sees blood running down the models face and body.

Her friend Jas seems worried about Jin’s new obsession with taking pictures of death all be it human or animal deaths she is actually worried about her friends sanity. Race Wong who plays the lead character Jiney does a great job playing the psychotic Jin, when her obsession with death takes over she does a perfect job with her role.

Halfway through the movie its hard to tell if shes acting like she has an obsession with death or she actually stops acting and just starts being herself thats how well she fits into the role.

The music score for this movie is excellent it really drives the movie, the music really enhances the overall feeling of madness and Melancholia. Direction is another thing that was also outstanding in my view. The snapping in and out of sanity scenes are all done with great camera work and the lighting and color effects are now forever burned into my mind.

Overall the movie to me really ran a little too long, an hour and 37 minutes when just a little over an hour could have done, I find the ending part to sorta be added in as it really comes in sort like a last-minute add in with the story. The tapes being left on Jin’s doorstep should have been a larger role thus making the ending of the movie a lot more powerful and perhaps making a bit more sense. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen this movie the tape part still leaves me wondering they had a great movie in terms of plot and theme yet the tapes not being a larger part of the story and the length of the movie still ruin what could have been a perfect movie by the Ping brothers.

I have yet to watch a newer movie by the Ping Brothers but Recycle is sitting in my movie collection I hope the extra price for blueray is justified with better story telling.

Also as I watch this movie again I still can’t believe that Race Wong who plays Jiney and Rosanne Wong who plays Jas are actually sisters in real life also that they are a pop group in China under the name 2R. I think that makes their friendship and the way they can play off each other in some scenes so well. I did like the easter egg they put in the movie on the tv in Jas’ living room theres one of their music videos playing. Since I didn’t find out about it until now I can’t really say if 2R will soon or one day make its way to my iPod but who knows I do get bored and on the internet a lot, might youtube them.

Story: B
Characters: B-
Sound: A+
Direction: B-


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