Mysterious Girlfriend X – The Mysterious Adventure

The Mysterious Adventure starts out with Akira buying the special edition of Imai Momoka’s idol book, which the last idol book which Mikoto didn’t really like at the end of last episode, got messed up by her and her scissor attack. On the way out he runs into the girl he had a crush on all 3 years of junior high, Hayakawa who had cut her hair so he didn’t really recognize her at first. After a interesting talk in the park we actually get an odd peek into Hayakawa’s mind about him.

The talk in the park was odd as it was about things they have done with objects they kept that had a tie in with a person both of them have had a crush on. Akira told her he had a strain of her hair that he would smell from time to time while Hayakawa said she had a mug from the person she had a crush on and would kiss the same spot he drunk out of.

You tell me which is the weirdest one!

I had a feeling that Hayakawa would come back in the series, but I was actually expecting it in the next episode or two from our first meeting, I think she could have saved the last episode.
What I don’t understand is how she knew who Mikoto was? Akira said her name but didn’t show a picture or describe her at all.

To be honest I wasn’t ready to learn what Hayakawa is after I feel they should have waited until episode 11 to start dropping hints at her true nature, though we don’t know them at first but I do have a good idea.

Overall episode 10 was a HUGE jump from the shipwreck that episode 9 was. Everything really jumped, I think Im going to pretend that the last episode was just a bad dream for me. But this episode is a great rebound, Im just disappointed that the sound really wasn’t as good as the episode.

But this is a great way to bridge a two-part episode together get the whole story out first and done the story in the perfect way. Give small clues and then bring it all together at the end, but I could tell what Hayakawa was thinking within a few lines talking to Akira. I was just thinking “Oh, okay I’ve seen lots of anime with romance and I can see where this is going”.

I can say that this is a must watch episode in this series, while last episode a skip, but I can’t wait for how this whole thing is going to end I just have a feeling Akira is going to have a tough pick coming up.

Story: A+
Characters: A-
Sound: C
Animation: A
Overall: A


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