Mysterious Girlfriend X – Mysterious Cultural Festival

What an episode!!

Mysterious Cultural Festival is the conculsion of the last episode, the story is about Akira going to Hayakawa’s high school’s culture festival to make her ex-boyfriend see that she got a new boyfriend so he can move on.

Well to be honest I would like to say thats what this episode was about but its not, she used that story as a way to try and date Akira. She also invited Mikoto I guess to try to make her jealous or get the wrong idea and break up with him, but whatever she had planned in her mind I bet she didn’t plan on Mikoto showing up not angry at all but with a test in mind. I can also bet my life on she would have never thought that she would also be naked in the class room as well.

One thing I don’t understand is what is Bad Cat? Mikoto always has the logo on something, this time to cover her mouth and in the beach episode it was on the back of her swimsuit dress thing.

I get the feeling its not going to be explained as theres only one final episode called Mysterious “Tug”. I get the feeling that the Bad Cat in this series is sorta like Bad Wolf in Doctor Who, placed everywhere in the story years ago with Rose. But unlike Bad Wolf I feel as the Bad Cat will never be explained, much like how there was no 4th floor in Another.
Yes, I will never let it go! I think I was more trying to figure that out then I was to find out who the extra person was.

But in the seriousness of the explaining on why Hayakawa started to cry in great detail too, Akira’s blindfold fell off, and once again my hatred for Oka, only topped by censorship of seeing Mikoto naked, came in and ruined the fun!

Why was Oka even in this episode, she really had no big role to play, just to be a kill-joy I guess, same with Ueno, spitting coffee and getting mad was pretty much all he did.

Overall I was happy with how the episode went, the music a bit off with the final scene with Hayakawa in, sounded like the circus music played in Akira’s dreams which I feel didn’t really fit the scene. Animation just like the last episode a lot better than the early episodes yet with one episode left as I stated I hope it can finish strong, I don’t know how its going to go with the previews that was shown but I hope out of all the series that get a second season this is one of them. I will be waiting on pins and needles awaiting the last episode and perhaps next year an OVA.

Before I forget a guy in steam chat, when I said I was about to watch this episode, told me “to ready my body”, I was thinking well I just smoked a cigarette and I got a bottle of plum sake…..I think Im ready! Soon as I noticed Mikoto naked I said “My body WAS NOT ready!!”

Story: A
Characters: B-
Sound: C
Animation: A
Overall: A-


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