Mysterious Girlfriend X – The Mysterious Personal Reasons

Story: F
The Mysterious Personal Reasons is about Oka changing the look of Mikoto, her hair style changes from hiding her face to showing her face, during school guys in the whole school sees how cute she is and Akira doesn’t like the responses.

The minor story is that now that guys in school has seen her face clearly, they all say she looks like a popular idol.

Characters: C
Im starting to wonder what is Ueno’s fascination with poop?

Oka is back still attached to Mikoto like a leech who always eats lunch with her. Mikoto is just her normal self again but a bit different towards the end.

Sound: D
Lost of different pieces of music but none of which are going to be stuck in my head, the music was just the run of the mill backing soundtrack. It wasn’t long enough to really make the scene have more of an impact on me while watching it.

Animation: B

Animation could be the only thing worth while watching though it’s just the normal animation style of the series. The classroom scene at the beginning to me was a bit heavy on the ink on th edges but it didn’t bother me, it was just noticeable.

Overall: F
As one of my favorite Spring 2012 anime series, I think Mysterious Girlfriend X is actually poorly planned out, my interest in the anime is actually falling which to me is sad cause I love the manga and I loved the series but I don’t know where it all came crashing down!

This episode really has no story, there’s nothing that really makes it stand out from the rest of the episodes, in fact compared to the other episodes of the series this one was just pure shit. As much as that hurt to say it had to be said and its the truth,as the series is about to end, I hope the last 3 episodes (if its running to 12 episodes) this series can close out strong as the first few episodes really drew me in and sold me on the idea and concept of one of the most original themed animes I have ever seen or read in quite a few years.

Not going to lie but this episode put me to sleep, I woke up looking at the root of my PMPlayer on my PSP thinking,”Did I just fall asleep like I did with Accel World?”. I think I need to start watching the series I have been pushing off and haven’t watched in a while to get a decent show to watch, Im far behind on Tasogare Otome x Amnesia and haven’t touched Sankarea. I guess since Im nearly up to date on this one it jumps a head. Im really kicking myself for defending this series when people said it was going downhill. Episode 10 better start off with a bang and go back to the Mysterious Girlfriend X I remembered it as.


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