Accel World – Activation

Story: C
The episode starts with Snow Black leaving Yuniko in charge of where to find Chrome Disaster in the Accel World for their fight. The second part of the episode is about Chiyu wanting to be a burst linker, not really a spoiler if you watch the OP video.

We learn new things about Accel World as Snow Black tells us a lot about about guardian-protege bond. I really can’t give this a good grade just a so-so grade.

Characters: B

Im going to keep refering Kuroyukihime as Snow Black a lot eaiser to spell and remember. In this episode Snow Black talks about her guardian and shows the real Snow Black that she really use to be, as she showed in one of the very first episodes in the coffee shop with Haru.

We finally get a look into the mind of Yuniko and her true feelings, shes a great character when shes not threating to kill Haru or yelling her head off. Im glad they gave her some character depth for a change, I hope she sticks around as a major character and doesn’t get shuffled to the back as a minor character.

Sound: B+
This episode has great sound mostly during the part where Haru and Snow Black are talking, great music I wish was playing in all the battle scenes. Voice acting was perhaps the best in this episode as they have been from the other episodes

Animation: B+

Animation seems to actually be different and a lot better in this episode.

Overall: B-
Other then a set up for a battle that is well overdue overall the episode is better then some Accel World episodes. I still think this is just a slow set up for a better episode, I liked this episode cause it doesn’t try to get you to feel sad for a character.
What I didn’t like about the episode is the whole Accel World part, the end was actually too forseeable I wanted episode to be a real eye opener but I was bored of the same elements I only fell asleep during the last few moments, not going to lie about that, I want to see some change done!


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