Revenge of the Zebra Miniskirt Police

Story: B-
The story of Zebra Miniskirt Police is set in the year 2024 and is about Masami Kisaragi, a woman who is hired by a radical group to bring down Mayor Aihara who changed the name of Tokyo to Zebra City. He also passed a law called “Zebra Time”, which every morning and evening for 5 minutes any crime is permitted.

Masami is hired to hack into Zebra City Tower to steal the file #2501 for a group. She gets caught and has the choice to die or join as one of the Mayor’s bodyguards with 2 other girls who have broke the law. We meet the other 2 “recurits” of the Zebra Miniskirt Police, Yuki Risako who was arrested for Grand Theift Auto, and Yu Maki arrested for murder.

As the days go on and Masami tries to escape but is brought back and punished by the mayor’s right hand man, Yuki tells of her sister who also tried to escape and later killed herself. But Masami doesn’t plan to die before getting her revenge on the man who killed her parents when she was young in front of her, the only problem is she didn’t see what he looked like but he walks with a limp and has a scar due to her mom who bite him on the left leg.

Okay at first when I started to watch this I thought it was going to be another low budget tv show or tv special that makes no sense, well it doesn’t really make sense seeing how Revenge of Zebra Miniskirt Police is a spin-off and prequel to Zebraman 2 so it all ties into that movie. After you watch Zebraman 2 it makes sense, but on its own I just thought it to be a under budget promotion. I did however, enjoy the twists and the silly moments like when Mayor Aihara was ready to go play a few holes of golf but then sees an army of people fighting on the course from his office.

I also liked the fighting no matter how weak and out of place it seemed, it really seemed that fighting is a main focus on this, not that much policeing going on by the women, but going around in t-shirts and skirts then putting on the Zebra Police uniform of a leather bra, open jacket, fishnets, and short skirts I forgive them, more so after a huge fight of them to save Masami who stayed behind to fight the mob alone. When she was about to die, I felt like I had to turn away but thankfully her friends showed up and saved her.

Other then that it was solid for a short promotion and did the job of making you want to know whats going to happen to Zebra City, the women, and if she finds the man who killed her parents and get her revenge, they show who killed her parents and I had it sorta had a feeling who it was soon as they showed the scene where Masami’s mom bit the guy on the leg. Not really a cliff hanger sadly.

Characters: A+

From Left to right: Yu, arrested for murder, Masami arrested for hacking and theft, and Yuki arrested for grand theft auto.

Mayor Aihara the twisted person who runs Zebra City.

I loved the characters in this, its enough to make me want to go watch Zebraman 2, the Zebra Police the characters somehow managed to attach to me in the short 41 mins of this, which is rare. I felt sad for Masami when we first meet her as a girl out in the rain in a hut in front of a fire, also no matter what happens to her she refuses to give in and "go from a pig into a dog". To add salt in the wound showing Yu's sister Risako being raped by the people on the street since she also refused to be turned into a dog and then she kills herself.
I just got attached to them and then a lot of terrible stuff happens. However, now matter how much love I do feel that the character Yuki could have been omitted as she does and adds NOTHING. Yu could have as well as they are background characters just there until Masami needs be saved before she dies at the hand of the mob.

Sound: C
The sound as Ive been saying is noticably budget material. The sound of the guns sound terrible, the sound is just loud not even close to realistic they sound like a thin book being slammed hard and the sound and gun are really out of sync some of the time. You’ll see the gun be shot, smoke from the barrel then hear the sound, really kills the tension at times. The music is just as bad, it doesn't capture the moment or enhance the mood of the scenes thats being shown.

Direction: C-
The direction was just plain aweful, the opening where it tells abit of the back story before the main story of this is great and creative but after that it just flat out goes to hell. The first 20 minutes I actually had no idea WHAT was going on or what this was actually about. We don't know of her desire to find the man who killed her parents, what the Zebra City Police are, not even the guys in the odd striped mask are. The direction could have and should have been better but I don't think they really planned it out, I just hope Zebraman 2 when I watch it is better.

Overall: C
I really can't say this is hit or miss to be honest. I only watched it cause I read Miniskirt Police in the title so I for that reason I at least got that out of it and Im sure most people will watch it for the same reason. I would only say this is actually watchable if you watched Zebraman 2 and didn't understand the revenge thing or wanted to know a little bit about the women. To say “a little” is a major understatement, Masami is the only character that says her last name and Yuki well to be honest her character could have just been cut out the only thing you get from her is she was arrested for Grand Theft Auto and that Masami shoots her while she tries to escape.

You could actually count her lines on one hand I bet.
But I am sad that it was short it had promise and leaves you wanting a final resolve to the story. Heres a short fight clip at the start of the movie, its pretty good minus the sound effects.


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