Nazo no Kanojo X – The Mysterious Step Up

Story: B-
The Mysterious Step Up starts out with Akira shopping he stops to look at some magazines when Ueno’s girlfriend Ayuko, sees him and pretty much forces him to an ice cream palor with her.

Now Akira and Mikoto are thinking of what would it be like to have the other person call them by their first name. We also see how much Mikoto cares about Akira when we finally meet the girl that he had a picture of in his wallet that he ripped up to go out with Mikoto.

Characters: C+

Characters in this episode aren’t perfect but better than the last few episodes because we see a new more emotional and joking side of Mikoto for the first time, though she retains her unemotional self on the outside.

Sound: C
The sound has finally returned from taking a break, characters are back to having emotions behind their words even Mikoto does the best part of the sound for this episode is the music that plays during the crying scene.

Animation: A-
The way the animation is in this episode is one of the best for the series. I think it had to do with the background images opposed from the foreground objects which is the characters.

Overall: B+

I actually liked this episode it had a few twists here and there. I was shocked to see Mikoto’s face turn red during lunch and also shocked to see her face red in the park with Akira when he woke her up. To me, the biggest shock was seeing the girl Akira had a crush on in middle school show up, I always pictured Hayakawa as one of those seen by flashback characters and since this is episode 6 I have a feeling we’ll see her again before the series is over.

I’m just glad there was finally an episode after the first episode that I liked nearly every second of it, as of late I’ve been putting off this series cause I just felt “Only the last 5 mins are going to be worth watching the other nearly 20 minutes is just pretty much a filler”. I’m glad I was wrong about this episode.

I just want to know what drug is Akira taking to have dreams, they always seem to be this odd world full of crap as far as you can see.


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