Gloomy Salad Days – Xiao Lin (1)

This episode to me hits a bit too close to home due to a lot of factors. The main character is Xiao Lin, she is actually a lot like me, she doesn’t like to talk to people, she acts like everything is fine just so you leave her alone, just drifts into her own little world at times.

We learn that Xiao Lin’s parents are getting a divorce which could be the reason to her gloominess and that shes been shipped off to live with her aunt and uncle. Xiao Lin isn’t the normal girl as she likes to make trouble for everyone around her. Her family is actually not perfect as I stated going through a divorce, her mother is a drunk, her dad is abusive. Nearly like my family just my mom was abusive and I’M the drunk.

This episode is really to warm us up to Xiao Lin, getting us use to how the family shes living with actually are, and why Xiao Lin doesn’t want to be around them.
Her uncle always refers to Xiao Lin as his wife’s younger brother’s daughter, he makes it seem like he is not related at all but more like he’s stuck with her.

Du shows up in the last 10 minutes of the episode, not really to give her advice or to help her, I don’t even know what you would call her part! Thankfully next episode they make it up with Du showing up more than ever.

My favorite character other than Du is back Nicole who has a lot in common with Xiao Lin and thankfully she has a greater role then she did in the first episode.

This episode is really a cross between Nicole and Xiao Lin, as Nicole actually seems to be the only person in school Xiao Lin seems close too and talks too. When you watch this, you may wonder why I like Nicole so much as she seems to sleep all during school, you’ll perhaps understand why shes always asleep when her story is being told.

The other real characters in this first half of the story are Xiao Lin’s family, her aunt and uncle (her uncle is actually her aunt’s husband, as I said Im a lot like Xiao Lin and I call my uncle’s wife my aunt, so don’t get confused this series has no incest here or in series). In the first half they seem decent and looking after her best interest as they run their own convenient shop, but towards the end her uncle is a real asshole.

Direction of the episode is a bit more confusing than the last story arc of Hung He, I blame a number of factors for this: the way Xiao Lin acts around people and then when shes alone, her family and the way they change from the start of the episode to at the end, also the fact there was no actual story then showing Xiao Lin’s hard time fitting in at school. I really wouldn’t say “fitting in” cause other than Nicole she didn’t actually try to make friends.

Overall I would say this is a decent episode not as good as the average episode is but in true Gloomy Salad Days fashion the first episode is just to get some if not most of the story out-of-the-way and then in the next episode shows why its one of the saddest tv shows ever made.

Looking at previews of the next episode it won’t let us down. Since Im re-watching this series for the countless time I will say its one of the saddest episodes I just felt bad for her and I didn’t even actually like her character to be honest, I could actually care less about Xiao Lin as a character.

Story: B
Characters: A+
Sound: C+
Direction: B
Overall: A-


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