Accel World – Escalation

Story: B
Escalation starts the day at school after the last episode ends, from the Red Kings asking Haru to meet his leader, that being Snow Black. During the meeting we finally learn her name which is Yuniko Kouzuki she also tells how she found that Haru was Silver Crow.

Really the whole focus on this episode was why she was after Haru and also what she wants helps to do. The episode is actually deep in terms of new things about the Burst Linkers and about past events in the Accel World. I say this episode is watchable though its pretty much talk though out the whole episode.

Characters: C+

I really have no idea what to say about the characters in this episode, its mostly due to the sudden changes from Yuniko, I do like the way her and Snow Black throw jabs at each other and insult each other.

Taku my only question is why was he even in this episode? He had very few lines and was in very little scenes.

Sound: F
Sound in this episode was horrible in sense of sounds from the VR Moive from Snow Black’s memory and mostly from background music. The backing music just doesn't fit the episode at all and really they should have done better but I guess people don’t actually pay that much attention to it.

Animation: C

Animation really just is plan like it always is, background animation for buildings and landscape in the Accel World look fantastic while animation for the cast well they lack details.

Overall: C+
To be honest Im just going by how I felt about the story as thats the only reason to watch this episode, everything else can be overlooked, in fact over looking the other factors is why this is a C+ and not a D or worse total score.

This episode was good in terms of story but fails to really give us a full story so they just streched the nonsense scenes Im guessing they are saving up the real battle for episode 10.

What I liked about the episode once again is the exchange of insults and things between Snow Black and Yuniko. One point they try to find out if shes telling the truth about her name so they all show her their name since it can’t be hacked. Im actually wondering will we ever find out her actual name.

I also liked the reason why Yuniko needs Haru, before it was explained I thought it was going to be the lame “I need you to help me defeat this person” but to actually have detail and history on it really helps with adding depth to the story.

What I didn’t like about this episode was it didn’t tell a full story, the main points to the episode and why she needs Haru and his friends help was very limited and pretty much filled with meaningless scenes like Haru thinking about Yuniko and Snow Black taking a bath together.

I also didn’t like Taku’s avatar for the Accel World. I thought a tornado went to Wizard of Oz picked up the Tinman and dropped him off in the Accel World.

I guess I have to just suck it up and wait for episode 10 to come out to see how they plan to pull this story together and see if Snow Black and Yoniko can actually get another long enough to actually fight together.

I have a feeling with that being the ending to the episode I hope thats how episode 10 starts out, I can’t want to see Snow Black and Yuniko freak out.


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