Zetman – Untaught Emotions

Story: A-
Zetman takes place several years before the actual start of the events of episode one to bring us up to speed on the story. It’s at a rich event called “A Players Match”, Players are humans that were turned into monsters and fight each other for people to bet on the match. Its said they have no free will but they gain it and kill the people who are there to watch the event on day.

Few years later we meet the main character a boy named Jin who is homeless with a guy he calls Gramps. He has 2 friends though he says they just follow him around, but he wants to be a superhero that goes around helping people.

In the first episode he gets into a fight with his first Player a guy that uses his tongue to kill people, during the fight we get a glipse of Jin turning into who I guess is Zetman. It’s actually a strange and hard to review episode for me.

Characters: C
The characters in this first episode is hard to place and rate as a whole as most are just in a few scenes with a few lines so I don’t really know that much about them and I don’t want to rate them on their manga selves. The character of Jin in this episode I didn’t really like, he’s just a kid who doesn’t know anything about the world all he knows is what his “gramps” tells him or explained to him.

Kouga and his sister Konoha I actually could skip over them their big role was to show how much of a dick their father is.
Akemi she was okay in the episode but she had no real huge role any character could have done the few things she did so Im not attached to her at all yet.

Sound: A
Voice acting in this series is pretty high-grade, we have characters of pretty much every social group and they all sound like what you expect. The rich father of Jin’s friends is really harsh and speaks down upon him for being poor while Jin and the other homeless people are sorta cheerful I get the sound of “We’re poor but at least we’re also free to do what we want” attitude just happy to still be alive. I know that sounds odd but its hard to put into words the sound of their voices.

Since this is the first episode of Zetman there is no OP like most first episodes, I wish they would include it but at least we have a ED theme which I hate. The ED is like pop techno cross over song, I don’t hate the music cause the ED song for Initial D was of the same type but for Zetman there’s no groove to it the words don’t flow with the music I think thats why I don’t really like it.

Animation: A+

I have to be honest the animation in the anime is close to the art level in the manga. I was blown away at the details of the people, I just wish that the same detail was spent on the Players as they just seem to have the outlines of major features or their features just hidden under the dark colors of their skin.

Overall: B+
The episode was actually a hit and miss at times for me, the start with The Players match I didn’t really like but I thought its just the intro to the series I know it has things I’ll want to keep in mind. It does but it actually tells too much about Jin right off the bat that you’ll figure out in episode one.

The things I actually liked was the short fight between Jin and the 3 guys that was going to rape or mug Akemi. I also liked the Jin battle with The Player mostly because Jin sorta goes Super Sayien minus the blonde hair.

I was actually laughing and thought whats next is Jin going to do a spirit bomb or do a Special Beam Cannon to finish this guy off? Even when the Player turns into a lizard thing he looks like a Dragon Ball Z character I just can’t remember his name.

All in all the episode is good but for me it didn’t actually tell a full piece of Jin’s childhood I still feel like theres a few things that we’re missing out. Looking at the previews for episode 2 we’re going to get a BIG time jump cause Jin and Kouga appear to be late teens, and I hope theres a decent transition that shows whats been going on cause the picture they showed seems like things have changed between them.


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