Zetman – The Ring of Exposure

Story: B
There really is no story in The Ring of Exposure episode just a great battle, so battle is a B rating! There are some things said by Seiji but so far its just words we know hes using Players but for what reason we don’t know. It’s good they didn’t throw things at us to take our focus away from a great episode of fighting, they would need a lot of minutes to explain his plans.

Characters: B-

Okay I now love the character of Haitani Seiji hes now my favorite character in the series even though he doesn’t do much, he just talks and then vanishes.

We get another new character in the episode some kid in a car that keeps his face covered, looks like hes ready for a blizzard, hes just refered to as Ichirou, whose job is to try to be close to Kouga. Of course Im not really sure as Seiji didn’t exactly say those words but Im pretty sure thats what his job is.

Sound: B
The whole battle had great voice acting from Kouga, Jin, the Players, and Seiji along with great battle music.

Animation: A+

Overall: B+

For an episode full of fighting it managed to have a few funny lines in. The end of the episode is a real WTF moment to see Tanaka naked on Jin’s bed and sand all around, what I want to know is the way she was on the bed and Seiji’s words…maybe she was raped by one of the Player after all, wonder if the name Player was ment as a pun or something? But the main thing I want to know is why doesn’t she have nipples? Yeah I notice these sort of things because its in the anime and I have great attention to detail when it comes to this sort of thing!

Next episode’s preview seems like its not going to be a full battle episode which is good, Im ready for plot to pick back up and to see what happens next to Jin. I want to know will he ever get his damn necklace back? Hes been missing that thing since episode 2!


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