Zetman – Tears

I forgot to screenshoot the title screen
Story: C-

Tears shows how Kouga first met Jin when he caught a purse snatcher. We also learn why Jin doesn’t stay as Zet for long from the brain of Gramps who seems to have been hooked up to a machine and brainwaves are sent to a computer for them to read.
Amagi tells Jin that what hes been calling his “Angel Ring” is actually called the “Ring of Exposure”. Amagi was trying to make Players into Zet in hopes to fight and kill the Players that escaped years ago, which is why hes been looking for Jin for the last 15 years, as Gramps took Jin while he was still an infant.

Zet throws another twist at us in this episode, which makes me wonder what the hell is going on now, it also after watching this episode maybe Amagi isn’t as bad of a guy as the first two episodes made us think that he was.

Characters: C+

We finally learn the Chairman’s name, his name is Mitsugai Amagi. He was sort of the evil guy that was kept in the shadows, he finally finds Jin and tells him that he is Zet the hunter for the Players that escaped and his last hope at killing all of the Players that escaped.

Sound: B+
The sound in this episode is better than the others due to its sort of the heartfelt episode there’s several heartfelt episodes with great music that matches the scene and I feel like brings the scene together better than the other episodes did, such as with Jin’s bath with Akemi which had no actual music with the scene.

The ED song I guess they are going to use as the ED song, Im glad cause the first episode the ED was pretty much the OP now. The ED is a better wrap for the episode.
Animation: A+

Again a high budget and near Zetman manga quality are also in this episode.

Overall: B-

Right when I get my mind in the “This is the last episode of Zetman Im going to watch” Tears proves me wrong, it changes everything about what I thought of the characters in this episode! I thought it was going to be another pointless episode that ended too quickly but Tears seems to move just as fast as the other episodes but actually takes the time to sit down, tell a decent story, and play with your head a bit.

With that being said I take back what I said about dropping the series after this one.

I was shocked to learn how episode 2 ended, didn’t really happen which Im surprised I didn’t hate, because the South Korean movie Bloody Reunion pulled the same thing and that just lost me in that movie. They did it in Zetman and towards the end Amagi tells Jin why they tried to go that route.

With that said and it seems like Im going to finish this series (near end date I hope and not months or years after), the preview for the next episode doesn’t actually look that good I think its going to go back to the meaningless formula that made me ALMOST drop this series. I don’t mind a stupid meaningless episode every now and then because:
1) Zetman episodes start and end really fast, Ive sat through 10 minute episode series that seemed longer then Zetman.
2) Im watching Bleach WITH fillers I think I can stand a terrible episode every now and then.
3) Ive watched every episode and every season of Ah! My Goddess and Adventures of Mini Goddess, I don’t recommend it because Ah! My Goddess lowered my sperm count, cut my IQ in half, and killed the cancer Im sure I had.


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