Zetman – In the Fire

Story: D

Not from the scene but a WAY better picture of Jin then the start of the episode.

In the Fire takes place years after the first episode we meet an older Jin breaking up a fight between two homeless people over spilt food. We also meet an older Konoha, it seems that over the years Konoha’s mother started to make food for the homeless people, while the dad of Konoha and Kouga is still a dick about the homeless people. Kouga still wants to be a hero of justice, which show at the very start and he mentions it at the hotel party.

It seems that the years between the first episode and this one is 5 years as mentioned when the Chariman is trying to turn Players into Zet. The Player in this episode has the ability to shoot flames out of his mouth and hands and even turn into a flame, he can also heal himself by sucking up the flames. So he pretty much can’t be hurt as long as theres flames, because he can just heal himself.
The real shock of the episode is at the very end after the fight, I won't ruin it but I didn't see it coming at all.

Characters: F

Even though everyone is older they all have the same personality that was shown in episode one, Im glad that really no one has changed, it means we won’t have to sit through flashback after flashback to how they use to be and how they changed to the new person they are in the episode. The characters don’t really do anything in this episode since none of them really changed at all just aged so pretty much the same as they where in episode 1.

Sound: F
Again I don’t like the OP song which was the ED song for episode 1, I hope that in later episodes it grows on me, theres been times where the first few episodes I didn’t like the OP but then later it begin to grow on me. If Moon Kana’s music can grow on me then I guess anything can. We get a different ED song that actually fits the episode at least, I hope they use it as the offical ending now.

Voice acting is better as the voice actors have better voices that match the characters now. Im not sure if their the same people or if they got different ones, the new ones seem like they have a lot more experience with voice acting and its a great and welcomed change for me.

Animation: A+

With how the first 2 episodes have gone through it seems that the real budget was on the animation, the style is just great and the only reason why Im watching this series.

I wish I could watch it with THAT face. He looks amused!

Overall: F

Episode 3 I can tell I want to watch, just to know what happens next and why it happened to really the only good character in the series, they are the only one that had emotions in the series so far.

To be completely honest Zetman isn’t a good series but its only been 2 episodes but thus far each has gone by so fast I reach the end before I really notice anything that makes me say that Zetman is worth watching, other than the fantasic animation style. Zetman just goes by without really giving me anything thats worth sitting down and letting 30 minutes of my life go by.

Right now I can’t say Im going to drop the series but I also can’t say I plan to finish the series, at least not while I have other anime to watch. If I do drop the series then the next episode could be the last episode I do a review on like with Ano Hi Mita Hana. I find that the “3 episode method” is a good enough time to try to get you into the series, if nothing in those episodes makes you want to see more, just drop it! You won’t waste your life on something and you can get into another anime while it’s still airing.

I have a feeling that for me Zetman is going to be like older series I haven’t finished yet like Amagami SS and the other 2 seasons of Hell Girl, just on my want to watch list for a few years then I just watch an episode here and there. Unlike those other 2 series Zetman actually earned the right and reason to just watch every now and then, if I wasn’t 9 episodes in the hole and up to date I could do an episode a week, but 9 episodes all at once, well it’s not actually good for my boredom. Im like the Player in this episode, I can’t shoot flames but when I get bored somehow things just catch on fire!


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