Zetman – Ill Fortune

Story: C
Ill Fortune shows that Jin in his fight for justice gets him put in jail for a while, he still asks for 10,000 yen like always I guess things never change with him. Jin has a connection with the officer as he was the guy who talked to him in the first episode.

In this episode Jin goes up against 3 Players and theres also someone called “The Sweeper” no clues as who that is just yet as he always hides is face and other appearances.

Characters: C

Once again characters don’t change the 3 Players Jin encounters though aren’t really that great, they play a small role in the episode. Jin takes Amagi’s advice and tries to keep his distance from people he knows so they won’t be targets of Players.

Theres a new character, she hasn’t said her name yet but she was chased by the Player that Jin fights later in the episode. I can’t really comment on her cause she hasn’t really had time to really show her character off, but the design of her is pretty good, not that original but fits in the series, I like her more than Kouga’s sister though.

Is it just me or is she the most boring looking anime character in history?!

Sound: C
Sound wise the episode is like the first two episodes nothing really bad but nothing really that great either, I could think of ways they could have made it better, first sound effect wise, backing music, and perhaps better voice acting with feeling for some characters.

Animation: A+

I think the animation could have better if they used more shading in some parts but overall I can’t complain about it.

Overall: C-

Overall the episode goes back to how the first two episodes where, a fast 23 minute episode that really doesn’t tell a full story. They added in a few different elements with The Sweeper and Jin’s Zet completion. Amagi has been putting Jin through training so he can change into Zet’s most powerful form so he can fight stronger Players.

This is not a shot from the way the episode ends, it is though towards the end. What thought I would spoil it?

The way the episode ends makes me glad that I waited to start this series so I can jump right into the next episode without the weekly wait. Zetman is starting to become like Mysterious Girlfriend X a good episode from start to finish than other episodes only the last few minutes are good, this was on of those last few minutes where good episodes. What saved the episode for me was the fight, which to be honest was good but could have been better if it lasted longer and started sooner.

The preview for the next episode I can tell is going to be a great episode, the formula of crap episode, decent episode, great episode, repeat wouldn’t be a bad thing for this series to take. Two bad episodes, one good, then one decent wouldn’t really make me want to keep watching, if I want that to happen I would be watching Bleach instead.


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