Zetman – Hostage

Story: A+
At last we get a perfect episode Hostage is just that Jin fights the last two Players and Kouga gets his chance at a real battle against a Player. I won’t spoil anything if anyone is on the fence about watching Zetman the episode before this one is the perfect place to start no need to bore yourself with the others.

Not really a good catchy phrase for a hero…nothing a Kamen Rider would say!

Characters: C+

We finally get Haitani’s full name Haitani Seiji, I can’t tell what hes after, he tells the other two players not to kill Jin, then a few seconds later tell them to kill him, now hes tell Jin pretty much everything on how to become Zet. He even helps Jin, I really don’t understand him and how he can be so calm and collected all the time.

Sound: B+
Sound is great the real moment is when Jin is turning into Zet’s strongest form with the help of Seiji. The emotion and backing music I can say THAT IS HOW you bring a powerful scene like that one together perfectly

Animation: A+

Overall: A+

This episode Im at a loss for words at the moment, finally Im no longer feeling like Im wasting time and also finally we’re not getting time warped through time, last one happened a few episodes back where 2 years has passed inbetween episodes, I didn’t feel like saying anything.

But for Hostage, like the last one pure action, Im shocked that Kouga is actually a good character, normally in any other series he would be getting his ass kicked but Im glad hes able to hold his own and not be in the way.

I also want to know what the hell happened to Tanaka? I can tell that next episode now that Jin can turn into Zet’s red form the battles will be more intense and better as he’ll finally take on the stronger Players that they have.

I like the fact that he tried to take on the two Players without turning to Zet, sure he couldn’t really hurt them at all but it shows how much he wanted to save Konoha and her friend and it also showed that Kouga is like the normal super hero and wants to save everyone he can and even puts himself at risk to do so. Well after you watch the episode you could find faults in that but shut up.

For the speed of the episodes some how they seem to finally be 30 minute episodes, or maybe thats because it finally has my interest and Im actually watching them and not in on the internet stretching each episode into about 2 hours to watch one, no Steam chatting with my fellow anime watchers for the moment!

The next episode preview I can tell will be another great episode cause it continues the fight alongside Alphas as Zet is finally in his complete form. Now is the time for action for this series I feel.


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