Zetman – Alphas

Story: B
We finally get a chance to learn a little about the person they “The Sweeper”, he has the ability to turn Players into Light, he eliminates Players that regressed into their true form. When they do they violate the law of who the Evol calls Boss.
We also see why this episode is called Alphas, it refers to Kouga’s new suit he will use to fight to become his dream, a hero of justice. After seeing the suit Kouga wants changes made to it. I know it’s not really letting anything go, its shown in the OP scenes.

A stranger gives Kouga a test, to see if he has what it takes to be a hero, not going to ruin it but it is a real WTF moment and comes up again later on as it was in the preview from last episode. The next test I think will be the hardest one as the preview made me say okay whats going to happen now? I don’t think I could have started the next episode fast enough.

Characters: A+

Jin finally meets The Sweeper and another guy who has been in most of the episodes so far as he met Jin in the first episode after he became Zet and killed his first Player. When Jin gets a chance to talk to him he doesn’t give us ANY information about him or how he knows about Jin, but hes also a Player but he uses the term EVOL and he vanishes just as fast as he arrived. We later learn hes called Haitani from the other two Players that didn’t fight Jin.

We learn that the girl who Jin saved in the last episode her name is Tanaka, she doesn’t give Jin her first name, no clue to way. She is actually annoying now as she is afraid to be alone after nearly getting attacked by the three Players. She will always remind us of her fear to be alone right now.

We find that Jin is actually a nice guy Amagi corporation put cameras all over his house to keep track of him, even in the shower.
I sorta wish he left it in, in case they make this series uncensored, which they could, going back to the first episode they used steam to block out Akemi’s chest. Sorry could just be my sick way of seeing things. But towards the end of episode 7, I think, shes nude on a bed, she has no nipples so Im not sure what the hell happened there! I mean Highschool DxD showed nipples on TV so are the uncensored episodes of Queen’s Blade, did I miss a meeting on this matter? Again sick and twisted mind that the gutter runs through.

Sound: C
It took the series 5 episodes but the OP is growing on me finally, so this could be a changing point for me in terms of sound. Voice acting is the same Tanaka helps by having some emotions in her voice but not nearly enough.

Animation: A+

I really sound like a broken record so if the animation quality drops I’ll mention it, I can only praise the style so many times.

Overall: A-
Most of this episode was good, nothing thrilling, it doesn’t really tie in with the last episode but it does tell a complete story, its broken into two parts actually as the episode ends with Jin in battle with a Player and Kouga in his Alpha suit for his first real battle.

I can tell that the base for Kouga and his friends isn’t going to stay a secret for long, you can’t miss a jet flying out of the top of a building. I just know somewhere out there Bruce Wayne is facepalming and saying “Thank God those geeks didn’t build my Batcave, I might as well put my home address for all of Batman’s fan mail. Or an extra mailbox with the bat logo on the side.”

To really sum up this episode’s last few minutes all I can say is shit just got real!

The preview for the next episode doesn’t really tell us much, this could be a good thing or a bad thing but since Alphas doesn’t really finish out the episode I have a feeling its going to be the conclusion which if it follows the last few minutes finally a Zetman episode thats all action.


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  1. Just passing through

    the whole camera thing was part of the manga which made it to the anime. so its not censored jin just didn’t want amagi corp to spy on a girl in the shower naked

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