Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – The Maiden’s Meeting

Story: A+
The Maiden’s Meeting should have been the first episode as at the start it shows how Yuuko and Teiichi met for the first time.

When Teiichi brings up that she said she hardly gets any visitor’s she tells him that she is infact the ghost that the rumors going around school are about her.

Yuuko tells him of a ghost story about a girl whose body is buried on the school grounds and that her ghost haunts the school. When Teiichi breaks a mirror where he body is said to be, after Yuuko told him not to the next events are just too strange for words!

But this episode really puts everything together from the actual first episode of the series, why people can’t see or hear her, about the Paranormal Investigations Club, and why Yuuko is the club’s president.

Characters: A+
I love the characters for this series, Teiichi for unknown reasons, I just can’t help but to like him. I love Yuuko who can find a reason to hate a ghost that brings most of the comedy to the series and the mystery as well? I don’t really like Momoe that much because shes too serious and to chipper most of the time.

Sound: A-
I love the OP song, I may have said that before but each time I hear it I start to like it even more! The ED song is really great too, its been a while since I watched the first episode but I just get the feeling that its a different ED song.
Voice acting in this episode is also better than most animes Ive seen, I just like the voice of Yuuko, just like Mikoto in Mysterious Girlfriend X it doesn’t really follow the normal and expected sound of a female voice actor to me, Momoe on the other hand does have the typical female voice.

Animation: A+

Animation of the series is some of the best Ive ever seen, I can’t tell if this series, Another, or Zetman have the best animation so far this year.

Overall: A+

Story wise the episode was perfect, again I say this should have been episode one and not two but if this was episode one there would be the opening of episode that would have to change such as when Momoe thought a ghost was in the club room and when they showed what was really going on it would seem like a waste of minutes cause we would know why she can’t see Yuuko.

Well it works anyway cause you get a great episode as the start and then an even better episode (this one) as episode two. I liked this episode cause we get to understand the connection with Yuuko and Teiichi


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