Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – Daybreak Maiden

Story: B+
Dawn Maiden starts at the Paranormal Investigations Club’s summer training camp, something thought up by Kirie all of a sudden. Kirie is able to get permission for them to sleep overnight in the school, Momoe finds an old notebook with their second mystery about the old night duty room which has to do with a knocking on the door during the night. As this is going on Yuuko appears to have something bothering her as shes not her usual self.

Once they find the cause of the knocking on the door as explained in the notebook Yuuko fines a new mystery also in the notebook called the “Rock of Curses” and explains it to Teiichi.

Characters: A
The characters in this episode are a tad different, Yuuko is more joking and fun-loving towards Teiichi while Momoe is still an idiot.

Kirie is just herself even though at start when their all in swimsuits, even Yuuko she seems to be jeaouls of the body of the others, yeah even in anime girls are still girls.

Sound: B
The only real thing about the sound is the voice acting as theres hardly any backing music other than the music that plays when Yuuko and Teiichi run off together to go investigate the “Rock of Curses” together. The music matches the feel of the scenes and if this was a live action shot I would exect the same type of music.

Animation: A+

Animation is great as always, bright and vivid colors with clear and sharp images.

Overall: A-
I feel that this episode was one of the better scripted ones, the dialog changes from the start and once we find out why Yuuko was acting different the feel of the episode changed and went back to being less serious.

I guess its cause we know that Yuuko is alright now, I hope they change the episode soon though the mysteries at the school are starting to get boring even though the causes of them make me say “Okay I can see that happing now”. I just want to know what spirit Kirie sees and thought it was Yuuko.

All in all another great episode and the series seems to be able to do everything right, out of all the supernatural series Ive seen, this is the second best so far.

Another still has an edge as its not really as friendly as Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, but it sorta reminds me of Ghost Hunt at times, which isn’t bad as I loved that series as well. I really hope that some people in Tokyo are talking about making this series into a live action, after I go see Another’s Live Action I know I would kill to see in live action format as well I think a studio could actually pull it off.


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