Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – Black Sunset Maiden

Story: B-
This episode starts out with Teiichi getting a letter telling him they want to talk to him about the girl thats behind him, as Yuuko normally comes up and hugs him from behind every morning.

It seems that Teiichi isn’t the only person at school that can see Yuuko, again the first episode ruins this one but unless you read the manga like I have then the connection is shocking.

As Teiichi starts to inspect the body Kirie notices something that could change what she thought of Yuuko and the ghost story about her that has been going around school for many years.

Characters: B

Kirie Kanoe is the new character in this episode I actually like her cause just like Yuuko her voice doesn’t fit the stereotype of female voice actors nor does her actions in this. As long as they don’t introduce another character like Momoe in the series and keep adding in characters that aren’t like her then they’ll be a whole host of characters I will like in this series.

Sound: B+
Sound in the episode once again is great from start to finish voice acting wise but sound effects not that much and theres really no music in the episode to tie the scene to the emotions of the characters. Its not really a big issue but it could have helped the episode in my opition.

Animation: A+

To me a big thing about the series is the great animation.

Overall: A+
This episode went against the other two so far, we see Yuuko in a knew light thanks to Kirie, we actually see what Yuuko could look like to those that think she looks that way, we got a small glimpse of it with Momoe but with Kirie the episode mostly is about what she thinks of Yuuko. Towards the end I felt sad for her as she was pouring her heart out to Teiichi and how he made her fill to finally find someone who can seen and touch her.

I actually thought this episode was going to tie in with the first episode like the second one did, it had the great intro and it could have just changed a few things, I think it would have been a better ending that way but still a great one. What Kirie said towards the end about Yuuko makes me interested in the series a lot more than I was before I started this episode, really the whole twist about the ghost story Momoe brought up makes me want to get to the bottom of the mystery myself.

I think the reason I love Tasogare Otome x Amnesia so much is because Another was my favorite series of Winter 2012, and this series is closely related to it so its not that shocking its my favorite this season. In Another their trying to find who is the dead student and in this series you have a ghost that doesn’t remember anything. Im starting to think that Yuuko is actually Misaki! (If you’ve seen Another you’ll get that


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