AKB0048 – Stardust Selection

Story: C-
This episode takes place finally at the next selection round where the main cast finally gets a look at how many girls are also trying out to be part of the next generation of ABK0048.

For those that pass this round become AKB’s understudies and get to the to their home planet named Akibastar.

Before they get their chance to addition in the next round they first have to go through a round of training which isn’t what they expected it to be like. They find that part of their audition will be to act as the groups bodyguards their next performance.

Characters: F

We meet the manager of AKB0048 her name is Katagiri Tsubasa. She just spends the episode telling the hopeful recruits what they are going to be doing on their way to become part of the next AKB generation.

Makoto once again is annoying by complaining and acting like shes going to die so she gets the nickname Grumbly, I would give her the nickname “Shut the fuck up!”

Chieri who was the childhood friend of the girls is now sort of a bitch but the voice of reason which is good to know at least one character isn’t dumb!

Sound: B+
The 3D rehersal of AKB0048 when I stopped laughing I ended up enjoying the song they where singing. During their performance the sound is great, it sounds like the audio is from a real performance as the songs sound like they have reverb so its not them re-singing a song and actually helps create the sound that they are giving a concert during the anime. I think if it didn’t have that sound it would just take away the concert feeling.

If you have a pair of good headphones (I would say Sony MRD series are great. I have the V150s and ZX-100s) watch the concert parts with them on at high volumes to get a small concert experience, being to several of their concerts its not like the real thing but it is as close as someone can get to one when not actually there.

Animation: D

Now that the girls are closer to AKB and they are shown more on-screen you start to notice that the members are drawn a lot better and have more detail then the other girls.

I still get the feeling that my encoding is making the anime really blurry but Im starting to think its just the way the episode looks, 758 bitrate with 2 encoding passing and even 1024 bitrate with 2 encoding passing gives me the same visual quality unlike my encodes for Accel World and other series so I guess the animation in some parts of this series is just bad. I find the background images to look great but the animation on people are normally fuzzy and just really pixellated around edges, yet on backgrounds looks great.

I think this episode should be how the rest of the series should play out slow but then slowly pick up towards the end, I hope theres more battles as well. During the AKB0048 concert I was blown away but the fighting that took place, there was a good amount of fighting and it was all good, it wasn’t just some scenes the whole thing was great.

I actually didn’t see the ending coming, it was worth the torment of the episode to get that twist in the end. I think after then end the next episodes for the series are going have some action in it now which is a welcome change I say.

To be honest Im giving this anime the benefit of a doubt as Im a big fan of AKB48 but the anime isn’t really doing anything for me, I don’t know since the story is about girls that want to join AKB48 instead of the actual group like I thought the anime was going to be about. Why not have the anime about the group so you can do 3 seasons of it? Season one about group A, then K, and finally B? Also they should have made it a slice of life anime. But Im going to keep watching, sometimes I hate being such a big fan, I just hope they treat the other popular pop groups like AKB, I would love to see a C-ute anime as their my favorite Hello Project group.


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